Teddy Bear Baby Shower Games

by Rebecca Zadell
Teddy bears are a great choice for a baby shower theme.

Teddy bears are a great choice for a baby shower theme.

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Babies universally love stuffed animals, and teddy bears are a classic choice for nurseries -- making them a great choice for a baby shower theme. With many styles and colors available, gather as large a variety as possible to use both as decorations and as parts of the games. Purchase several to use as prizes and be sure to get several inexpensive ones if you are using powder for the first game.

Diaper the Bear

Ask guests to diaper a large stuffed bear while wearing mittens. Use a timer and award a prize to the guest who diapers fastest, but eliminate guests whose bears lose their diapers when shaken. Alternatively, blindfold guests and ask them to diaper the teddy. Give prizes to the guests who diaper fastest and most neatly. For an additional challenge, use cloth diapers and old-fashioned diaper pins or add additional steps with baby wipes and powder.

Trivia Games

Print up some teddy bear trivia and have guests guess the correct answers. You could even turn this into a Jeopardy-style game with questions about teddy bears' history, materials, famous bears, and similar categories. Alternatively, divide guests into teams and ask them to generate lists of famous teddy bears. Acceptable answers could include Winnie the Pooh or Corduroy, but would not include non-teddy options such as Yogi Bear. You will need a number of small prizes for team games.

Teething Ring in the Honey Pot

Winnie the Pooh, perhaps the most famous teddy bear of all time, adored his honey pots. Purchase half a dozen soft plastic teething rings and make or purchase a honey pot. Liquid-filled rings have greater weight and are less likely to stray. Have guests stand several feet away and attempt to throw the teething rings into the honey pot. If several guests achieve the same number of teething rings from the same distance, move the target further away.

Honey Bees in a Jar, Teddy Bear Relay Race, and a Honey Cake Contest

Mix lemon and licorice jelly beans in a jar and ask guests to guess the number of "honey bees" (licorice jelly beans) are in the jar. Hold a relay race where guests push teddy bears in an umbrella stroller. Do not fasten the straps; any guests whose teddy bears fall out have to go back to the starting line. Finally, ask guests to build a tower or house from honey cakes, gummy bears, and royal icing. The most elaborate and beautiful structure wins.

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