Team Building Games for Preteens

by Krystal Miller
Encourage teamwork with team building games.

Encourage teamwork with team building games.

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Break the ice and enhance communication between groups of preteens with team building games. Use team building games at church or social events to get preteens mingling and enjoying themselves. Team building games also build self-confidence and leadership in young children. Encourage everyone to try their best by awarding prizes to game winners.

Blindfold Games

Make an obstacle course using foam blocks and cones. Have each preteen select a partner and give each team a blindfold. One partner must put the blindfold on and the other partner must stand at the end of the course. The partners verbally guide their blindfolded counterparts to the end of the course. The first player to the end of the course wins; however, if a player touches a cone or block, she must start over. Alternatively, have the blindfolded player give the blindfold to her partner when she reaches the end of the course. The partner has to guide her friend verbally back through the course before they win the game.

Balloon Games

Ask the preteens to stand in a circle and toss them a few inflated balloons to hit in the air to one another. After a few minutes, toss in a few more balloons. Add a few balloons every minute and see how long they can keep all the balloons off the ground. Keep a record of how many balloons they have when one hits the ground and have them try to beat their high score each time. Alternatively, divide the preteens into two teams and see who keeps the most balloons in the air without one hitting the ground.

Tower Games

Give the preteens a bag of supplies to build a tall tower. Some supplies include tape, craft sticks, paper clips, craft foam, construction paper, straws and one small box per team. The preteens have 15 minutes to construct the tallest tower they can using only the items provided. The team with the tallest standing tower when time is up wins the game. If the tower falls before time is up, the team starts over. Alternatively, use edible items like pretzels sticks and marshmallows instead of the other supplies.

Circle Games

Play games using hula-hoops. Have all the preteens stand in a circle and hold hands. Take apart two players' hands and place a hoop on their arms. After they reconnect hands, tell the players they have to pass the hula-hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of each other's hands. Divide the preteens into two teams and see who can do this activity in the fastest amount of time. Make the game more difficult by adding more than one hoop to each circle.

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