Team Building Games for Kids That Are Siblings

by Christina Schnell
Incorporate basic physical touch, when appropriate, to build a physical connection.

Incorporate basic physical touch, when appropriate, to build a physical connection.

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Participants in team-building games are typically acquaintances or complete strangers looking to form a cohesive unit. Sibling groups, however, also benefit from team-building games between each other. The games serve as a springboard for siblings who have been separated by foster care; who live with different custodial parents; or who simply don't interact socially outside their requisite family meals. Choose team-building games that are appropriate for the age and circumstances of the siblings to ensure that everyone enjoys the experience.

Two Truths, One Lie

Middle school-age siblings with periodic contact benefit from a basic exchange of each others' past. Each sibling or sibling group tells two truths and a lie about a specific period of their life or their current interests. For example, the first sibling might state that she broke her leg biking last year, she rides horses, and her favorite subject is math. The remaining siblings must then guess which statement was false.

Blind Treasure Hunt

Start by sprinkling a dozen pictures on the floor with the images facing up. Pair the siblings and blindfold one sibling in each group. Hold up a picture that matches one of the images on the floor. The "seeing" sibling must direct his blindfolded sibling partner to the correct paper image. Time each sibling group separately to prevent bodily collisions between blindfolded individuals.

My Most Favorite

My most favorite is a game that works well for younger children who are unable to read or write. Pair the siblings into groups of two or three and ask one sibling to draw three separate pictures of her favorite color, animal and food without showing the other group members. Mix the pictures from each group in a box and ask the siblings who did not draw to identify which images belong to their sibling.

Balloon Transport

Divide siblings into groups of two or three and present each unit with a water balloon. Draw a clear start and finish line approximately 25-feet apart from each other. Each team must transport the water balloon without using their hands, between the start and finish lines. This game works best for children ages 8 and up who are comfortable using their body in less conventional ways.

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