How to Teach Kids to Throw a Punch

by Rosalind Mohammed
Head gear is very useful equipment for beginners.

Head gear is very useful equipment for beginners.

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Teaching a child to throw a boxing punch for fun and fitness can produce a great way of exercising together. The child will learn coordination, endurance and focus. Once the proper punching method is learned, there will be fewer injuries and more fun emulating boxing greats of past and present. It is important that the child understands these methods of self-defense and fitness are not used on the playground to hurt other children.

Items you will need

  • Punching bag
  • Boxing gloves
  • Hand wraps
  • Workout wear
Step 1

Ask the child to hold his hands out in front of himself with fingers together, thumbs apart and palms facing the ground. Begin winding one hand wrap around each of his hands, ensuring that his knuckles will be cushioned against the punches he will be throwing. Secure the wraps with the included hooks. Have the child flex his hands to ensure he can move his muscles easily even with the wraps on securely. Place one glove on each hand and secure them with the Velcro straps.

Step 2

Teach the child the proper stance for throwing a punch. Ask which is her dominant hand. If she is right-handed, have her stand with the left shoulder facing forward, legs apart with knees slightly bent. Tell her to put her left hand up so it blocks the lower part of the face. Have her put the right hand up by the right ear. Show her how to bounce lightly on the balls of her feet so she can move quickly, especially to avoid an oncoming punch from her opponent. Reverse the stance directions if the child is left-handed.

Step 3

Have the child lean back on his right leg while keeping his fists up. He should step forward on his left leg while keeping his left fist up by his face to block opposing punches. Teach him to throw the right arm forward at chin level and punch the bag. Show him how to pivot his right foot so the heel comes up while the punch is thrown, adding power. The pivot of the right foot will turn the whole torso into the punch, which will make it more powerful.

Step 4

Teach the child to practice the move multiple times against the bag and even experiment with the opposite hand.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider taking the child to a trainer to ensure form is correct and to prevent injury.
  • This explanation is for the boxing punch called "the cross." It is a powerful punch, but there are others as well, including the jab, uppercut and hook. The last two are advanced punches and require much more practice as the angles are not natural.

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