How to Teach a Kid to Shoot a Compound Bow for Hunting

by Zach Lazzari

The compound bow uses a system of cables and pulleys to provide near-zero resistance when held at full draw. Teaching a kid to shoot a compound bow is an exciting task. The young hunter will enter the sport and carry on traditions that protect and conserve land and game for each subsequent generation. Shooting a compound bow requires a strong understanding of the fundamental techniques, and it is your job to provide the kid with sound instruction.

Step 1

Supply the kid with a youth-compound bow. Youth bows are designed to accommodate the small frame of kids. The youth-specific bows are a comfortable starting point.

Step 2

Outfit the bow with all of the normal accessories used by compound-bow hunters. Use pin sights, a peep sight, mechanical release, release loop and whisker-biscuit-style arrow rest. Other arrow rest options are available, but the whisker biscuit is the easiest to manage.

Step 3

Show the kid how to grip the bow with the handle between his thumb and forefinger. Check his posture and reinforce a straight back throughout the lesson. Focus on a square hunting stance during the initial instruction period.

Step 4

Practice assuming a stance and proceed to a draw motion without actually drawing the bow. The stance sets the feet perpendicular to the target and spreads the shoulder width. The less-dominant arm is closest to the target and the archer looks over the shoulder to aim before shooting. Eventually, attach the release and draw the bow. Enforce a constant anchor point to create a consistent shooting platform.

Step 5

Practice shooting arrows at a target at variable distances. Use the distances to sight in the bow and align the pins. Once the kid is shooting the bow and striking the target, move on to hunting-specific lessons.

Step 6

Practice shooting at realistic targets. Use the targets to teach the kid about different vital areas on animals. Practice until the kid understands the anatomy of game animals and instinctively aims for the vital organs.

Step 7

Teach the kid how to stalk an animal in a slow and quiet fashion. After the kid understands stalking, teach about approaching the animal downwind to control scent.

Step 8

Buy the kid a bow-hunting license and go into the field for a real hunting experience.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not rush the kid into a hunting situation. Practice until the kid is efficient and knows how to handle the bow before considering a real hunt.

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