How to Teach Your Boyfriend to Dance

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Teach your boyfriend the basics of getting down.

Teach your boyfriend the basics of getting down.

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If your are eager to hit the dance floor with your boyfriend but he continually rebuffs your attempts to get him to boogie, the issue could be that he isn't comfortable with his dance skills. To increase your chances of him agreeing to be your dance partner, teach him the basics. Once armed with some dance skills, he may be more eager to accept your requests to dance cheek to cheek.

Step 1

Express your interest. Tell your boyfriend how much you want to dance with him. If he doesn't know that you are eager to step out onto the dance floor with him, he may not be very motivated to improve his skills, but once he knows that it's important to you, his eagerness to do so may increase substantially.

Step 2

Set realistic expectations. Before you even begin your dance lessons, get real with yourself. If your guy currently has two left feet, he is not likely to transform into a dancer like that of a pro on "Dancing with the Stars." Make your expectations reasonable and low to allow him to meet them.

Step 3

Make it fun. Don't turn your dance lessons into grueling, Olympic-preparation-style workout sessions. Instead, allow your boyfriend to have some fun while building his dance skills. Goof around, share some laughs and keep it light to ensure that your boyfriend isn't overwhelmed.

Step 4

Practice in private. While the club may seem like a perfect place to practice, if your guy is a truly terrible dancer, heading out in public will likely be one of the last things he wants to do. Instead of asking him to dance with an audience right away, turn your family room into a dance study and engage in some private practice sessions with your favorite CD or radio station.

Step 5

Show him some moves. Demonstrate some of your best moves, pulling him close and helping him sway to the music or showing him how you move your hips when you dance. Show him how to move to the beat, encouraging him to bend his knees and bounce to the rhythm of the music or shift his weight from one foot to the other in response to the rhythm of the song. Watch him as he tries to ape these motions and give him some pointers if he fails, doing so in a friendly and polite manner.

Step 6

Praise his progress. Even if your boyfriend hasn't mastered the art of dance, he still deserves some praise. Tell him how good you think he is doing and how much you appreciate his efforts to build your relationship while he develops his dancing skills.

Step 7

Take a class. If you really want your guy to become a masterful dancer, some professional assistance may be necessary. Check out a local couples class and sign yourself and your boyfriend up, making developing dance skills something new for you to do as a couple.

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