Tea Party Table Setting With Flowers

by Nora Zavalczki
Match your choice of infusions with the flowers and the theme of your tea party.

Match your choice of infusions with the flowers and the theme of your tea party.

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Hosting a tea party is a refreshing experience, especially in the winter, when the weather doesn't allow outdoor activities. On the other hand, a few ice cubes, ice cream or lemon sorbet make tea parties equally popular during the long days of summer. Setting the table for a tea party is an engaging activity that can stimulate your creativity. Apart from the musts of any table setting for a tea party, consider the decorative details, including the use of flowers or flower arrangements.

Choose the Location

Decide on the location for your party. Have your tea party indoors or outside, on the patio, or even in the garden. The location will orchestrate all of the other aspects of the tea party, including the choice of the chromatic scheme for the table setting, the right flowers, tablecloths, napkins and dishware. Lilies, for example, are not the best choice for an indoor tea party, given that their strong fragrance is likely to irritate or cause allergic reactions in more sensitive guests.

Matching the Flowers to the Occasion

Flowers can radically transform an artificial landscape and they are frequently used in interior design. However, this expressive and uplifting force inherent to flowers can turn into the extreme opposite unless you respect a few basic rules. A tea party is a casual social event, so you should match the flowers to this occasion. It's safer to stick to the delicate and the discrete in your choice of flowers. Large flowers are not only likely to be more fragrant, but they can also trigger allergies. Choose flowers that have colors in shades similar to your tablecloth or opt for complementary colors.

Matching the Flowers to the Theme

Use your creative flair when deciding on a particular theme for your tea party. Choose a theme that is linked to past ages, such as the Elizabethan Age, or Victorianism, but you can also welcome spring or Mother's Day by throwing a tea party. If you are a flower person and a passionate amateur florist, a Victorian tea party is a suitable choice. The eclecticism and profusion of this age allow you complete freedom both in the choice of flower decorations and in combining them into a lush floral centerpiece for your tea table.

Use Edible Flowers

Transform flowers into the central motif of your tea party. You can achieve this by combining the fragrance of herbal teas and infusions, such as jasmine, peppermint, wild cherries or lemongrass, with the color of natural flowers that you place at the center and every corner of the table. Add edible flowers to your tea party table; you can bake the flowers adding natural colors that are similar to organic flowers, or get the edible flowers from your local pastry shop.

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