Taurus & Gemini Attractions

by Elizabeth Burns Google

Opposites often attract, and this is very apt when it comes to love relationships between people with Gemini and Taurus sun signs. Gemini is outgoing, energetic and mischievous, while Taurus is plodding, serious and easily tired. Typical bulls, being an Earth sign, enjoy pottering about the garden while a Gemini an air sign, enjoys flying off to cultural hotspots. However, with commitment and mutual respect, the attraction between Gemini and Taurus can be more than a fleeting one.


Both signs are attracted to qualities in their partners that they themselves lack. Dependable, down-to-Earth Taurus is attracted to his Gemini partner's flightiness, and is intrigued by her wit, cleverness and verbal acrobatics. Gemini is drawn to her Taurus lover's stability and no-nonsense outlook on life.


As sun signs go, Taurus and Gemini are not very compatible, because Taurus is an Earth sign and Gemini is an air sign. Earth signs tend to get on better with other Earth signs and water signs, while air signs are most compatible with fire signs or other air signs. According to astrologers, the two clash because they have a completely different perspective on life. Taurus is more likely to put home and family before fun and frolic, while variety is the spice of life for Gemini, who is always in search of new adventures and does not feel the same need to settle down.

Making it Work

Compromise and respecting one another's points of view are the keys to making a Taurus-Gemini love match work. Gemini might have to forgo stimulating conversations in her book group from time to time to walk in the woods with her Taurus lover. In turn, Taurus should respect Gemini's need for freedom and not be overly possessive.

Moon Signs

The differences between Taurus and Gemini is easily smoothed over if the two have compatible moon signs. Astrologers believe that moon signs are as important as sun signs when it comes to finding and keeping love. The placement of the moon in a woman's chart determines the type of man she is attracted to while, for men, the moon sign governs the ideal qualities he seeks in a mate. Therefore, if a Gemini man's moon is in Taurus, a woman with her sun in Taurus is a very compatible match.