How to Tape Cleats Like the NFL

by Jordan Whitehouse

Many NFL players tape their cleats before each game or practice, using intricate patterns. While they may have impressed you with these taping, or "spatting," designs, players tape their ankles for protection and support than anything else. Taping helps prevent ankle joint injuries, and becomes especially important during the early management stages of injury rehabilitation. Some players only tape their feet but, if you tape your cleats to your ankle, you'll have even more support.

Items you will need

  • Scissors
Step 1

Tie your cleats securely and make any adjustments before you apply the tape.

Step 2

Adhere the beginning of the tape to the top of the tongue on your cleat. Wrap the tape around the bottom of your shoe crosswise in a circular motion and then wrap it up and around your ankle, again in a circular motion.

Step 3

Wrap the tape around your shoe again and continue to alternate from your ankle to your shoe after every revolution. Always use a circular pattern as you tape, and wrap around the cleat crosswise. When you return to the shoe after circling the ankle, begin at the tongue and wrap underneath the shoe.

Step 4

Move the tape down the tongue toward the toe of your cleat as you progress, but continue switching to taping your ankle after every revolution. Keep the taping around your ankle in the same general area. The number of wraps you make depends on the amount of support you find comfortable, but at least cover your cleat in one layer of tape.

Step 5

Cut the tape with scissors once you've reached the toes and can no longer see the shoe itself. Wrap any areas that you've missed or that require more protection due to previous or current injuries.

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