Synopsis of "The Trainer" by Laura Antoniou

by Robert Godard
The Marketplace is writer Laura Antoniou's world of dominance and submission.

The Marketplace is writer Laura Antoniou's world of dominance and submission.

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"The Trainer" was written by Laura Antoniou and was published by Mystic Rose Books in 2001. "The Trainer" is Antoniou's third book in her Marketplace series, which follows the story of a group of masters training their submissive slave. Though the previous books had focused on the slaves, this book focuses on the masters and their secrets.


The book's protagonist is Michael, who is desperate to become a truly great master and trainer of slaves. Michael is arrogant, and has desired sexual slaves his entire life. Geoff Negel is Michael's first trainer, an ineffective master with little to offer. Michael soon joins Imala Anderson, a trainer with an international reputation. Anderson's second-in-command is Chris Parker, who is as arrogant as Michael, but with better reason: Chris has already made it to the top of the Marketplace.

The Marketplace

The book takes place in the fictional world of the Marketplace. The Marketplace is a world where people willingly submit to be trained, and then sold, as slaves. Those that engage in this slave training are men and women of wealth. The training of these slaves is a true struggle, but once the slave undergoes it, he becomes completely submissive to his master. This is the world Michael wants to join as trainer.


The book begins with Michael, who learns about the Marketplace from his Uncle Niall and realizes that all of his dreams can be realized. His uncle sets him up with Geoff Negel in Santa Cruz to help Michael become a trainer. Michael soon discovers that Negel cannot give him the training he needs, and that he must find somebody better. He is invited to train at the Anderson house, one of the most prestigious training houses in the world.


In the Anderson house, Michael meets Chris Parker. Parker is put in charge of training Michael, and sees him as arrogant and undisciplined. He puts Michael through the hardest training, so much so that Michael often is relegated to the role of a slave. But Michael begins to realize that he likes these new sensations, and the harder Parker pushes him, the deeper Michael dives into the world of the Marketplace.

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