Synopsis of "The Legend of Pocahontas" Musical

by Brenda Priddy

"The Legend of Pocahontas" follows the classic story of Pocahontas and how she became who she was as an adult. This story sticks closer to the historical reality of her life, rather than the embellished version created by some other filmmakers and storytellers. The production is a musical, and there are several plot-moving songs present, combined with dance numbers, which make the story more suited to the stage.


"The Legend of Pocahontas" follows the classic story of Pocahontas as she grows up with her Native American tribe. Their calm life is upset when strangers from across the ocean visit their native home and try to take over. Pocahontas is just a little girl when the first strangers arrive. The story follows the real story of the Algonquin Indians as they are invaded and taken over by Europeans. Pocahontas grows up into a smart and intelligent woman, marries the Englishman John Rowe and becomes a diplomat between the Native Americans and European peoples.


Since it is a musical play, the settings are more restricted. Depending on the format, the entire play may continue on a single stage with just a few set changes. The movie format of the musical does have more extensive settings, such as a forest setting and a town setting. The musical also has a boat scene in which Pocahontas travels to England via ship. There is a high contrast between the rural and peaceful settings of the Native American tribes and the loud and industrial settings of the European establishments.


There are a few key characters in the musical. Pocahontas is, of course, the main character. There are also other major characters, including her father, the tribe chief, and John Smith, one of the first explorers to visit the tribe. Other main characters include Pocahontas' eventual husband John Rowe, other Native Americans and other European explorers. Most of the Native American characters wear simple clothing and basic hairstyles. The clothing and hair of the European characters is much more elaborate.


The musical score for "The Legend of Pocahontas" is not historically accurate. Most songs follow a rock and roll style that is upbeat and lighthearted. The reason for this change in musical pace is to make the musical more fun for the performers and audience. This production is a favorite among community theaters and children's theaters, and the songs are catchy and easy to sing. All major events in the story are encapsulated in a lively song.

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