Synopsis of the Movie "The Edge of Heaven"

by Elle Hanson

"The Edge of Heaven" was released in theaters in 2007.

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"The Edge of Heaven" is a German movie that tells the story of three families and crosses the borders between Germany and Turkey. Released in 2007, the film explores the complex dynamics of east-west relationships and clashing value systems. "The Edge of Heaven" won the Best Screenplay award at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.


The story begins with Ali Aksu and his adult son, Nejat. They are Turkish immigrants living together in Germany. Nejat is a professor of German. Yeter is a prostitute who lives with Ali and Nejat. Her daughter is Ayten Ozturk, a student in Turkey. Lotte Staub is Ozturk's friend and lover. Lotte's conservative mother, Susanne, disapproves of their relationship.

Plot Introduction: Ali and Nejat

The movie begins with Nejat standing at a gas station. He appears pensive and nostalgic. From there, the story backtracks to events several years in the past. Lonely Ali invites Yeter to live with him in exchange for sexual exclusivity. Nejat initially disapproves of the arrangement. One day, Ali has a heart attack and is hospitalized. Yeter and Nejat grow close while he is gone. When Ali returns he kills Yeter in a drunken rage. Nejat travels to Turkey to find and apologize to Yeter's daughter, Ozturk.

Plot Climax: Ozturk and Lotte (Spoilers)

By the time Nejat reaches Turkey, Ozturk has fled to Germany. She is wanted in Turkey for participating in a political protest. She meets Lotte and the two move in together as lovers. Eventually, Ozturk is caught and extradited to Turkey, where she is placed in prison. Lotte follows her to Turkey. While there, Lotte shares a room with Nejat. However, neither speak about Ozturk and they do not realize their shared connection. While stealing a gun for Ozturk, Lotte is mugged and fatally shot.

Plot Conclusion: Reconciliation (Spoilers)

Susanna travels to Turkey to grieve Lotte's death and takes the room with Nejat. She offers assistance to Ozturk and helps Nejat forgive his father for killing Yeter. At the end of the movie, Nejat is traveling to the Black Sea, where his father now lives. He stops at the gas station shown at the beginning of the movie. At the same time, Ozturk is shown moving into a flat with Susanna.

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