Synopsis of the Movie "Skyline"

by Cynthia Tucker
Eric Balfour plays Jarrod, the main character in

Eric Balfour plays Jarrod, the main character in "Skyline."

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"Skyline" hit movie theaters in November 2010. It was written by Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnel, and directed by Colin and Greg Strause. In the movie, a group of friends realize no one is safe when aliens arrive and begin to take over the earth. However, this doesn't stop them from desperately trying to escape.

The Opening

Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and his girlfriend, Elaine (Scottie Thompson), travel to Los Angeles to visit Jarrod's friend, Terry (Donald Faison). Terry is married to Candice (Brittany Daniel) and has a live-in assistant named Denise (Crystal Reed), with whom he is having an affair. Terry has a party and everyone sleeps at his house, including his friend Ray (Neil Hopkins). In the middle of the night, a weird blue light shines throughout the house. The light marks Ray's skin, beckons him and takes him away. The light almost takes Jarrod, but Terry saves him.


Jared and Terry go outside to investigate. They see lights coming down from the sky and huge, robotic aliens are taking people. The light almost takes them, but they escape. This is the second time Jarrod has been exposed to the light, and his skin is scarred. Terry goes to check on his neighbor, Walt (Robin Gammell), but the light takes Walt. Terry escapes back to his house.

Escape Attempt

Terry and Jarrod convince everyone they need to escape. As they try to escape, the aliens attack, killing Denise and taking Terry. Oliver (David Zayas), the building superintendent, arrives and damages the alien with his car before it can take everyone else. He and the remaining survivors make it safely back to Terry's house. Oliver and Jarrod keep watch that night while Elaine and Candice sleep.


The next day Elaine is concerned because the marks on Jarrod's skin are getting worse. He says they make him feel powerful. Outside, fighter planes unsuccessfully attack the aliens. Jarrod decides they should try to escape again. Oliver fights with him because he believes Jarrod is infected. As Jarrod gets angry, his face shows the markings left by the alien light. Jarrod convinces Elaine to trust him and they depart, leaving Candice and Oliver behind. After an alien takes Candice, Oliver turns on the gas and waits for the alien to come for him. When it does, he flicks a lighter and blows up himself and the alien.

Jarrod and Elaine

An alien attacks Jarrod and Elaine on the roof and almost takes Jarrod, but Elaine damages it with an ax. Jared then kills the alien with his bare hands. Another alien attacks them, but this time Jared is too injured to escape. He tries to convince Elaine to run, but she refuses to leave him. They hold hands and kiss as the alien light draws them both into the spaceship.

Conclusion (Spoilers)

Elaine wakes up inside the spaceship in the midst of dead people. The aliens have taken their brains and used them to create new alien creatures. She searches for Jarrod, but the aliens take his brain just as she finds him. When they prepare to take her brain, they realize she is pregnant and put her in a chamber with other pregnant women. Jarrod, who is now an alien, hears Elaine screaming as an alien begins to violate her. Jarrod rescues her and Elaine realizes he is Jarrod when he strokes her face.


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