Synopsis of the Movie "She's Out of My League"

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Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve star in

Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve star in "She's Out of My League."

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"She's Out Of My League" is a romantic comedy released in 2010 by Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks. The movie stars Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve, and was directed by Jim Field Smith. "She's Out Of My League" focuses on a guy as he attempts to win the affection of a girl who is more successful and more attractive than he is. The film did not do well with critics, who panned it for being a cookie-cutter comedy, but did OK with audiences, opening at No. 3 in the box office.


The film's protagonist is Kirk Kettner, an airport employee with virtually no self-confidence. Kirk has three best friends at the airport, Devon, Stainer and Jack, who try to make him feel better about himself. Kirk also is routinely trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend Marine, even though she tries to control every aspect of his life. Soon after, Kirk meets Molly McCleish, a beautiful lawyer who finds Kirk appealing.


The movie opens with Kirk once again trying to get back together with Marine, who lives with his parents. While Kirk is working at the airport, screening passengers at security, he meets Molly, who is on her way to her flight. He treats Molly courteously when others are lecherous, and she appreciates his professionalism. Molly leaves her phone behind, and Kirk answers it when she calls it to find out where it is. Despite some embarrassing moments, they begin to fall in love.


Kirk's best friend, Stainer, and Molly's best friend, Patty, both explain to them that Molly is a "10" on the attractiveness scale, while Kirk is only a "5." His friends call him a "moodle," or man-poodle, a person all the girls like to be with and tell their problems to, but no girl actually wants to get with. Kirk believes what his friend says, and even though Molly shows Kirk her webbed feet to make him feel better, he still decides that she is too perfect for him and ends the relationship.

Resolution (Spoilers)

Heartbroken over his own decision, Kirk gets back together with his ex, and they plan a trip to Branson. Patty and Stainer come to their senses and Stainer pulls Kirk off of his flight to convince him that he is, after all, a "10" and very deserving of Molly because he knows how to treat her right. Patty also drags Molly to the airport to meet with Kirk. It is here that Kirk rejects Marine, and after being chased all through the airport, Kirk and Molly finally get together for that sensational Hollywood kiss. The film ends with Kirk taking Molly on a small plane, of which he is the pilot, on a special trip for just the two of them.

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