Synopsis of "Look Again" by Lisa Scottoline

by Robert Godard

"Look Again" is the 16th novel by Lisa Scottoline, a "New York Times" best-selling author. Though Scottoline typically deals with protagonists who work in the law field, she makes a notable departure in "Look Again," shifting focus to a news reporter. The story involves a mother and her adopted son, and an intricate plot that may very well involve the both of them.


The protagonist of the novel is Ellen Gleeson, an ambitious reporter with her eyes set on a new promotion. When the novel opens, she had just finished a lengthy adoption process and now lives her life for Will, an only child. Ellen also has her eye on Marcelo, her boss at the newspaper, whom she can't help but fawn over. Problems at work arise when Sarah, a competitive reporter, starts to pick up the slack that Ellen leaves behind after becoming absorbed in solving a personal mystery.

Timothy Braverman

When Ellen sees a flier that says "Have You Seen This Child?," her first instinct is to just ignore it -- but, as she glances at the picture, she notices that it looks a great deal like her newly adopted son, Will. The name under the picture clearly says "Timothy Braverman." Ellen begins to wonder. She knows that she has adopted Will legally, and submitted all of the paperwork perfectly, but the photo looks identical to him.

The Plot Thickens

Ellen begins to investigate the Timothy Braverman case, using the resources available to her at work. She even begins to neglect her own work, becoming consumed by the details of the case. Ellen learns that her adoption lawyer has died mysteriously. Will's alleged biological mother also dies, of a heroin overdose. Ellen follows the case, digging up more and more details about Timothy Braverman and his wealthy parents. Meanwhile, Marcelo is laying people off all over the office, and even though he is looking out for Ellen, he is finding it much harder to keep her on staff.

The Bravermans

Ellen manages to track down the Bravermans to a Miami mansion. She flies to Miami and purchases a home DNA testing kit so that she can determine whether they are Will's real parents. She manages to steal a cigarette butt from Mr. Braverman for her test. But, after she collects the proper samples, the Bravermans catch wind of Will and claim that he is Timothy, and that he does not belong to Ellen. The authorities have no reason to think any differently, and Ellen must fight to regain custody of her child and keep him from being involved in a potentially violent situation.

About the Author

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