Synopsis of "Dale Brown's Dreamland: End Game"

by Shaunta Alburger

"End Game" is the eighth of Dale Brown's Dreamland books. This bestseller is fast paced and keeps readers on the edges of their seats as it tells a story of using high-tech weapons to avoid a multi-country war. Brown's experience as a United States Air Force captain shines through in this military adventure story.


"End Game" is the eighth installment in Dale Brown's series of books about Dreamland, a United States Air Force aerospace weapons testing facility located in the Nevada desert. End Game is the code name for the USFA's newest weapon, a bomb that will knock out electronics for miles. This new weapon, still being perfected, may be the only chance to ward off an all out three-country war between India, China and Pakistan.


The main characters in Dale Brown's Dreamland series work for the United States Air Force working on new weapons. In "End Game," the Dreamland team hopes to use it for peace between India and Pakistan, two nuclear powers, and the Chinese government which is eager to put new warships to the test. This team is made of military and science personnel, working to maintain peace while using every weapon available to them toward that end.


Each book in the Dreamland series focuses on one instance where the Dreamland team must use their skills and weaponry to solve a problem. It focuses on a new era of weapons technology and warfare, where deep thinking and engineering are as important as brute force. The books tell stories that closely follow current events and are popular with readers who enjoy both science and war books. These military adventure books are highly praised amongst readers and other writers.

About the Author

Dale Brown is a New York Times bestselling author. His first book, "Old Dog," was published in 1987. All eleven of his novels have reached bestseller status. Brown writes military adventure books, including the series Dreamland. He is a former United States Air Force captain, an experience that informs much of his work as an author. He lives near Lake Tahoe in Nevada, and still often pilots his own plane.