A Synopsis of the Book "Shadow Image"

by Robert Godard

"Shadow Image" is a book written by Jayne Roycraft and published by ImaJinn Books in 2004. The book follows a police officer who is fed up with her lifestyle. She is plunged into a tale of intrigue and mystery as she searches for the killer in a slew of murders in her new location in the small town of Shadow Bay.


The book's protagonist is Shelby Cort, who works for a big-city police department. She is a good cop, but weary because of all the work that her job demands of her. She meets Ricard De Chaux, who is a master of the supernatural who seeks to reenter human society after running from his past. He sets up in a small town with the hopes that he can continue to elude discovery.


Cort decides to relocate to a new town, Shadow Bay, as sheriff in hopes of escaping the stresses of a big city. It is here that she meets De Chaux, who is the town's new medical examiner. Dead bodies begin to pop up all over town in very strange places, and Cort finds that she is unable to solve them. She and De Chaux attempt to locate the murderer, but De Chaux's own past may just hold the key.

The Undead

De Chaux doubles as the Overlord of the local Undead, known as Doctor Death at night, controlling them with his powers. Doctor Death leaves clues for Cort all over the town, as only he knows the true identity of the killer, who is himself not human. Dr. Death must protect his own identity both from Cort and the rest of the town, but wishes to help her in any way that he can.


During the day, De Chaux and Cort pass the time by discussing the murders and their lives. Soon, Cort finds herself drawn to De Chaux, and he begins to fall for her. De Chaux learns that Cort is the new target of the murderer and he is faced with an important choice: Does he choose Cort and reveal his true identity as Dr. Death, or does he aid the murderer, a member of his Undead?

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