Synopsis of "Barbie as The Island Princess" by Judy Katschke

by Alyssa Ideboen
Read about the adventures of Barbie living on an island.

Read about the adventures of Barbie living on an island.

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Light-hearted, feminine and full of color, "Barbie as The Island Princess" offers young readers a chance to expand their imagination with a chapter book. Approximately 80 pages long, author Judy Katschke adapted the whimsical movie into a book version. Read about the basic storyline to find out if this would be a book a child in your life would enjoy.

The Setup

A little girl finds herself shipwrecked on a secluded tropical island. Animals of the forest, namely a baby elephant name Tika, a peacock named Azul and a red panda named Sagi, help raise Ro, the girl they named after finding the letters "R" and "O" on a broken trunk. Ro learns to talk to all the animals on the island and lives there until she is 16. One day, a handsome prince named Antonio and his friend, Frazer, discover the island, the animals and the girl Ro. The prince invites Ro to come back to civilization with him to discover her parents.

Travel to Appollonia

Ro agrees to come with him to the land of Appollonia, bringing a few of her animal "family" with her. The King and Queen do not receive Ro very well, thinking her uncivilized and an unfit match for the prince. They wish him to marry another royal named Luciana, who has an evil mother named Ariana. She finds out that Antonia really is in love with Ro instead of her daughter and does damage by attempting to get rid of Ro. She slips "sunset herb," or a sleeping powder, to all the animals in the kingdom, trying to frame Ro for bringing a deadly sickness to their land.

The Banishment

Ro and her animal friends are set on a ship bound for her island home. The evil queen Ariana, still not satisfied with the results, gets a sailor to knock the entire group overboard. They begin to drown, which sparks a memory in Ro, revealing her full name to be Rosella. Dolphins manage to save Rosella and the animals, and they bring them back to the shores of Appollonia. Rosella sets out to cure the sleeping animals with a special tonic.

The End (Spoilers)

During the time that Rosella was banished and sent away, the king forces Antonio to marry Luciana right away. As Rosella stumbles into the wedding, she tells the royal family about Ariana's evil plan, and they discover that Ariana also poisoned the wedding food to put the royal court eternally to sleep. Ariana tries to escape by carriage but is eventually thwarted and captured. The King offers his apologies to his son and gives his blessing, and Rosella tells them of her memory. Another queen named Marissa, overhears this conversation, and Rosella discovers that she is of royal blood after all. Antonio and Rosella marry, and it ends with them sailing off into the sunset for a honeymoon.

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