Swimming in Pipestone, Minnesota

by Elias Westnedge

Pipestone, Minnesota, is a small city located in the Great Plains region of the United States. Although Minnesota is known for having over 10,000 lakes, Pipestone is located in a region of the state that completely lacks lakes. Despite that fact, Pipestone, which has around 6,000 residents, offers several places for swimming and other forms of summer water recreation.

Ewert Recreation Center

The Ewert Recreation Center is an indoor park owned by the city of Pipestone. The center is home to an indoor swimming pool, as well as a hot tub and steam room, all of which are open year-round, according to a city website. The Ewert Recreation Center and its pool is open seven days a week.

Family Aquatic Center

The Family Aquatic Center is an outdoor mini-water park located at Harmon Park in Pipestone. Although the center does not have a traditional swimming pool, it has two water slides, a diving area and a children's pool. Additionally, the park features beach volleyball courts. The center is closed during the winter months.

Nearby Swimming Opportunities

Visitors to the Pipestone area sometimes travel to nearby large towns and cities to swim. For instance, the cities of Marshall, Minnesota, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota -- both approximately 40 miles away from Pipestone -- feature municipal swimming pools and miniature water parks. Lake Shetek, located 30 miles to the east of Pipestone, is home to a park that offers public swimming during the summer months.


Pipestone's Great Plains location brings some of the most variable weather in the country. While temperatures in southwest Minnesota are typically warm from May through September, cold air masses can bring temperatures in the 50s and make outdoor swimming impossible on some summer days. Additionally, during the spring and summer months, the Pipestone area is prone to pop-up thunderstorm activity. For safety and comfort reasons, Pipestone-area swimmers should be aware of weather conditions at all times.