Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas in Purple

by Ruth O'Neil

A sweet 16 birthday party is one your daughter will never forget, if you plan it right. For girls who really love purple, choose from a variety of themes that fit in with the color. Choose a party theme that represents your daughter's sweet 16 personality. Rock the night away with an 1980s party, or plan a more sophisticated garden tea party, all surrounded by the color purple.


Use the color purple for the theme. The birthday girl can dress in purple and ask her guests to do the same. All the food can be purple, including purple grapes, plums, purple frosting on the cake, black raspberry ice cream, and purple punch or soft drinks. Give out a prize for the guests who come dressed as the best or the most outrageous. The purple color theme works well for those who are born in February as the flower is violet and the birthstone is amethyst.

Garden Party

Host a garden party to usher your little girl into womanhood. A garden party is a fancy and elegant way to have a sweet 16 party. Encourage the girls to dress up. Hand out purple parasols to keep the sun off of them if it is hot. Purchase potted flowers to spread around the garden. Use your deck, porch or patio if you do not have a garden. The potted plants will help to dress everything up. Cover tables with lavender tablecloths and place a darker-colored flower as a centerpiece. Create a tabletop water fountain and tint the water to a purple color as well. Have dainty snacks, such as petit fours, decorated with tiny purple flowers on top.

Glow in the Dark

Have a glow-in-the-dark party where everything that glows is purple. Buy plastic glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces in purple. Cover the heads of flashlights with purple plastic wrap. Make a banner for the guest of honor using purple glow-in-the-dark paint. Guests can sign the banner with well-wishes during the party using more of the purple glow-in-the-dark paint. Place battery-operated lights underneath the punch bowl, filled with purple punch, to help illuminate the food table.

'80s Party

During the '80s many things were purple. Have guests dress up for your sweet 16 as an '80s rocker. Purchase purple hairspray paint for those who have not dressed up. Make purple tie-dyed T-shirts. Have a bubblegum blowing game to see who can blow the biggest bubble, using grape-flavored bubblegum. Fill a disco ball with purple discs and hang it from the ceiling for effect. Play plenty of '80s music playing for the kids to dance to.