Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas With Paint Fights

by Michael Monet
Either protect the furniture, or take it outside.

Either protect the furniture, or take it outside.

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A sweet sixteen party is a coming of age celebration where parents and the birthday girl alike acknowledge that life is about to get sweeter, and a bit more complicated. When hitting this milestone, many American families take the time to throw a larger-than-average celebration according to the birthday girl's wishes. If your sweet little girl opts for a paint fight on her sixteenth, there are a few ways you can go without ruining the furniture.


Wherever you plan to hold the paint fight, remove all valuable furniture and items. Party guests are going to be running around like mad, so if you have a small house, it's best to take it outside in the backyard if possible. Lay tarps or plastic sheeting across the ground and secure them with duct tape. Set up obstacles for fighters to maneuver around and hide behind as they attack other players. Warn neighbors or anyone else who might cross the line of fire that you're reserving the space at a specific time for total chaos. Have mineral spirits on hand in case paint gets on anything it shouldn't. You'll have to work to remove it immediately before it dries.


Those participating in the paint fight will have to wear specific colors. Consider designating a color to guests on the sweet sixteen party invitation. After formally inviting them to your daughter's party, ask them to wear all white, all gray, all pink, all yellow or another bright color from head to toe. Tell them to wear clothes that are disposable as well. Different invitations should designate guests to wear different colors, and each color should have the same number of people so the paint fight teams are equal. Choose the birthday girl's favorite colors to customize it to her liking.


The weapons are more important than the actual paint. Collect a myriad of weapons, such as water balloons, sling shots, cups and water guns. Hold a trivia game about the sweet sixteen girl prior to the paint fight. In this trivia game, ask personal questions about the birthday girl and let the first person to raise her hand answer. If she gets the answer right, she gets a weapon for the paint fight. Those who don't answer any questions correctly only receive empty water balloons to fill, or must sneakily steal another player's weapon during the game.


The battle takes place under the command of an adult referee with ultimate power and control--until the fighters are unleashed, anyway. The referee wears a clearly marked outfit and has a whistle. Teams, separated by color, are placed into different corners to begin. Each player has one or more weapons, based on their ability to answer trivia about the birthday girl, and each player has paint that matches her costume color. Once the referee blows the whistle, teams may attack opponents however they see fit. If a player gets paint on her outfit from each of the other teams, she's out. Each time a player gets tagged out by the referee, the game stops and the player who's pulled out must say one nice thing about the birthday girl.

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