Sweet Sixteen Parties

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    Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas in Purple

    A sweet 16 birthday party is one your daughter will never forget, if you plan it right. For girls who really love purple, choose from a variety of themes that fit in with the color. Choose a party theme that represents your daughter's sweet 16 personality. Rock the night away with an 1980s party, or plan a more sophisticated garden tea party, all surrounded by the color purple.

    Ideas for a Sweet Sixteen House Party

    Sweet sixteens are an important milestone for teenage girls. As a result, it is common for parents and friends to throw a house party for the birthday girl. These house parties can come in many varieties but the best parties hone in on the birthday girl's favorite themes and activities.

    Unique Invitations for a Sweet Sixteen Party

    The invitations you send for your teen's 16th birthday celebration should be just as colorful and original as the guest of honor. Choose invites that give friends and loved ones a preview of the party's theme, and are indicative of the enjoyable time everyone will have at this milestone event.

    Sweet Sixteen Dance Party Themes

    Every teen has a different vision about how to spend her 16th birthday. If your teen has her heart set on a sweet 16 dance party, brainstorm dance themes that can transform her party from ordinary to something that she and her friends will talk about for days to come. Consult your teenager regarding your ideas so that you do not risk implementing a dance theme that she would consider embarrassing.

    Places to Have a Sweet Sixteen Party in South Carolina

    Regardless of what theme you want your little girl's sweet 16 party to have, South Carolina has a venue to make it happen. From beachfront resorts to local state parks, you can choose from all-inclusive party packages or simple locations where you provide your own food. Either way, South Carolina will find a way to make her sweet 16 party a day she'll never forget.

    How to Write a Sweet Sixteen Party Invitation

    A girl's 16th birthday always has marked a milestone to share with family and friends, but in today's digital world, issuing the Sweet 16 invitation is different from in the past. Whether using the traditional invitation or spreading the word via computer or cell phones, make sure to invite everyone special in the life of the Sweet 16 celebrant.

    Halls for a Sweet Sixteen Party in Michigan

    Michigan event halls offer a young girl the opportunity to invite her family and friends to a celebration of her entry into young womanhood. Due to Michigan's unpredictable weather patterns, a family celebrating a Sweet 16 birthday may choose to book a hall rather than rely on an outdoor venue. Michigan has a wide variety of halls throughout the state that offer a girl and her family choices to fit varied budgets.

    Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas in Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore, which is Maryland's largest city, is home to venues that are ideal for hosting a sweet 16 birthday party. The sweet 16 party marks an important milestone in a child's life. Although mostly considered an event for young girls, boys are increasingly acknowledging the 16th birthday party as important, too. However, most people will drop the "sweet" when planning a birthday event for a boy.The "Sweet 16" birthday party is a celebration of your teen entering young adulthood.

    Sweet Sixteen Party Information

    Historically, sweet 16 parties were a way to introduce girls into society and make it known to the community that they were of age to marry. Sweet 16 parties celebrated the end of childhood and beginning of womanhood. Traditionally, many countries had initiation ceremonies that marked a girl's transition from adolescence to adulthood. These traditions remain in the modern celebration of a girl's 16th birthday.

    Sweet Sixteen Cruises in New Jersey

    New Jersey piers and marinas have many local harbor-sailing yachts that cater and host sweet 16 birthday parties which serve as reliable alternatives to land-based parties. From a practical point of view, yachts are climate-controlled for year-round use, offer various menu options and some hold up to 600 passengers. From your daughter's perspective, enticing young friends to cruise on a party boat may win her popularity points while upper deck pictures will leave lasting impressions.

    Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas for Entrances

    A sweet 16 party is an exciting celebration in a teenage girl's life. There's no better way to celebrate than by throwing an impressive party and creating a memorable experience for everyone who attends. Make the 16-year-old feel like the belle of the ball with a dramatic entrance sure to get everyone's attention.

    Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas With Paint Fights

    A sweet sixteen party is a coming of age celebration where parents and the birthday girl alike acknowledge that life is about to get sweeter, and a bit more complicated. When hitting this milestone, many American families take the time to throw a larger-than-average celebration according to the birthday girl's wishes. If your sweet little girl opts for a paint fight on her sixteenth, there are a few ways you can go without ruining the furniture.

    Sweet Sixteen Enchanted Party Themes

    If your daughter enjoys a bit of whimsy and magic, plan an enchanted Sweet 16 birthday party for her. An enchanted Sweet 16 birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate the woman she will soon become while incorporating the dreams of her childhood. Look to her favorite enchanted movies to find a theme. Fairy- and princess-themed parties can work well for a girl who is a little more grown up.

    Gifts for a Girl's Sweet Sixteen Party

    The sweet sixteenth is one of the most important milestones for young girls. With it comes more independence, another step closer to adulthood and a celebration of her blooming youth and beauty. If you need a gift for a lovely, soon-to-be-16-years-old young lady, think in terms of who she is and what she is becoming. Your gift should signify encouragement of her onward progress and celebrate the young woman she is today.

    Places for a Sweet Sixteen Party in New York

    A sweet 16 party is an occasion that celebrates a teen's 16th birthday. This birthday may be considered a right of passage for many teenagers. Cities around the state of New York have different venues that allow the guest of honor to celebrate at sweet 16 party with friends and family.

    Ideas for a Sin City Sweet Sixteen Party

    "Sin City" is most often used as a nickname for Las Vegas, but this name can apply to any place where people go to celebrate vices like drinking and gambling. Since teenagers can't legally participate in either of these vices, make an effort to create a party that at least feels like Vegas. Rent out a dark club or decorate your finished basement, then appoint some eagle-eyed adults to supervise the party.