Sweet Sixteen Enchanted Party Themes

by Christine LaFleur
Use magic wands as decorations for your 16-year-old's birthday party.

Use magic wands as decorations for your 16-year-old's birthday party.

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If your daughter enjoys a bit of whimsy and magic, plan an enchanted Sweet 16 birthday party for her. An enchanted Sweet 16 birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate the woman she will soon become while incorporating the dreams of her childhood. Look to her favorite enchanted movies to find a theme. Fairy- and princess-themed parties can work well for a girl who is a little more grown up.

Enchanted Fairy Party

Have guests and the birthday girl dress up in fairy costumes of their choice. Sixteen-year-old girls will most likely go for skirts and lace as opposed to poufy tulle skirts. Little fairy wings and glittery makeup make a nice addition to the costume. Decorate with cutouts of fairies hanging from the ceiling and flowers. Fill bowls with water and float flower petals and floating candles on the water for centerpieces. Provide temporary fairy tattoos for the girls and use a fairy poster as a guest book. Incorporate fairies into the cake design with a fairy cake topper.

Enchanted Woodland Party

An enchanted woodland party can be incorporated into a fairy party or stand on its own. Have the party outside in a garden or in a wooded area. Use twigs and leaves to make centerpieces. Use a large tree stump for a table if you can find one, or use a rustic wooden table. Butterflies, real or silk, can be used as decorations. Plan an earthy menu with fruit and granola. Cupcakes iced to look like toadstools are simple to make if your birthday girl would rather have cupcakes than a cake.

Enchanted Princess Party

If there is still a princess in your little girl, plan an enchanted princess party. If you have the money, rent a horse and carriage in which your princess can arrive at her party in and a red carpet for her to walk in upon. She can wear a pretty ballgown and a tiara in her hair. Set up a projector and let your daughter choose her favorite princess-themed movie. Invitations should be elegant. You can order them from a high-end stationery shop or design your own. Party favors can be inexpensive tiaras and costume jewelry. A castle-themed birthday cake will match the princess theme.

Enchanted Tea Party

An enchanted tea party can be incorporated into a fairy or princess party or it can stand on its own. Have an enchanted tea party with an "Alice in Wonderland" theme. Set up the party in a flower garden. Use white tables and incorporate the guest of honor's favorite colors into the linens and decorations. You may want to borrow a rabbit to have on site for the guests to pet if you are going with the Alice theme. Make cookies and treats with the words "Eat Me" and "Try Me" printed on them. Serve guests finger foods such as cucumber, cheese and other kinds of tea sandwiches. Elegant teacups and saucers should be at each place setting. Serve different types of tea, such as English tea and fruit-flavored teas. Set out sugar cubes in a fancy dish on the table for guests to help themselves.

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