Sweet Sixteen Cruises in New Jersey

by Sarah McLeod

New Jersey piers and marinas have many local harbor-sailing yachts that cater and host sweet 16 birthday parties which serve as reliable alternatives to land-based parties. From a practical point of view, yachts are climate-controlled for year-round use, offer various menu options and some hold up to 600 passengers. From your daughter's perspective, enticing young friends to cruise on a party boat may win her popularity points while upper deck pictures will leave lasting impressions.

Cornucopia Cruise Line

The Cornucopia Cruise Line (cornucopiacruise.com) has sweet 16 birthday parties departing from Perth Amboy and Hoboken. Reserved rooms and decks hold from 90 to 350 passengers. Cornucopia offers three party packages and the basic package features hors d'oeurves, a three course dinner, coffee and tea service and cruises pass the Statue of Liberty. The diamond package offers more meal choices and a more diverse hors d'oeurves cocktail hour. Parties are held seven days per week with lunch and dinner options available.

East Coast Yacht Cruises

East Coast Yacht Cruises (eastcoastyachtcruises.com) charters DJ-entertained yachts that host sweet 16 birthday parties. The motor yachts, Spirit of New York and Festiva, regularly depart from Weehawken. Both offer lunch and dinner cruises, but the Spirit of New York does not have a participating guest minimum. A per-person fee includes a carving station, a fajita bar, an open juice and soda bar, 24 balloons and a celebratory sheet cake. The Festiva has a 75 guest minimum. It features open alcoholic and non-alcoholic bars, a buffet of Italian food appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Prestige Yacht Charters

Prestige Yacht Charters (prestigeyachtcharters.com) hosts sweet 16 parties on yachts that launch from Jersey City's Liberty State Park's Liberty Landing Marina (libertylandingmarina.com) and Weehawken's Hudson River Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club (lincolnharbormarina.com). Fees are paid on a per-person basis and in addition to music, the food menus are the highlight of these cruises. Menus include a choice of one cocktail of various chips and dip, four hors d'oeuvres, two entree selections and dessert. Open juice and soda bars are included while alcoholic beverages are available for an extra charge per person.

Royal Princess Cruise

The NY Boat Charter (nyboat.com) is the Royal Princess Cruise's (princess.com) party yacht that is launched for sweet 16 parties. It departs from Weehawken's Lincoln Harbor, Jersey City's Liberty Landing Marina and Hyatt Regency (jerseycity.hyatt.com), the Elizabeth Marina (no website; 71 Front St., Elizabeth; 908-820-4296) and the Atlantic Highlands Harbor (ahnj.com). The sweet 16 menu includes a stationary appetizer table, an entree buffet with one poultry dish, one meat dish, one pasta choice and three side dishes and desserts of cookies and brownies.

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