Sweet Sixteen Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

by Blair Foy
Sweet sixteen parties can have a variety of themes.

Sweet sixteen parties can have a variety of themes.

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A teenager's sixteenth birthday marks the transition into the late teen years and then eventually adulthood. Celebrate this milestone occasion by throwing a sweet sixteen party where your teen and her friends can have a great time. When planning for this party, stick to your budget by making centerpieces for all of your tables.

Sweet Sixteen Centers

For a more traditional centerpiece, create sweet sixteen centers. Start with Styrofoam circles. Slice each circle in half. The half-circles are the base for your centerpiece. Choose a color of spray paint that goes with the theme of your party, and paint each half-circle. Once the paint is dry, spread a thin layer of clear glue over the top of the paint and sprinkle glitter on the Styrofoam. When the half circle is completely dry, take birthday candles in the form of the number "16" and insert wooden dowels into the bottom of each candle. Wrap the dowels with brightly colored pipe cleaners. Push the dowels into the Styrofoam half-circle.

Black-Light and Highlighter Party

When hosting a black-light and highlighter party, instruct guests to arrive in white T-shirts and dark pants that can be written upon. The centerpieces for this party will show teens what to do next. In the middle of each table, have a funky glass vase or jar filled with brightly colored highlighters. Next to the jar, place a 5x7-inch picture frame that has the rules of the party written inside. Teens are allowed to use the highlighters to draw on one another's clothing. With parents and chaperones present, they should be sure that everything stays appropriate. The black-light fixtures that will be illuminating the room will have all of the highlighter art glowing by the end of the party.

Autograph Centerpiece

An autograph centerpiece can be placed at the party's entrance, where teens can sign a guestbook and leave their gifts. You will need a small easel and a favorite picture of the birthday teen. Put a white mat around the frame in whatever size you desire. The photo matte can either be purchased or made out of white card stock. Place the photo on the easel. Put a jar of brightly colored permanent markers next to the photo so teens can write well wishes to their friend.

Candy Centerpieces

For a sweet sixteen party, it is important to have a bounty of treats and snacks for the teenagers in attendance. Wow them all by placing glass containers filled with candy in the center of each table. Find the containers by collecting glass vases of multiple sizes and shapes. Place one in the center of each table and fill it with candy. Wrap an empty box and place it next to each container. Cut a slit in the top of the box so that party guests can drop in their written guesses about how much candy is in each glass vase. Instruct the teens to make their guesses right at the beginning of the party so that everyone can enjoy the candy. Check the results, and have a prize for the winners.

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