The Sweet Potato Festival in Sacramento, California

by Stacy Zogheib
Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A.

Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A.

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If you love candied sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie, or sweet potato fries, then the Sweet Potato Festival might be just the event for you. The Sweet Potato Festival has been held in Sacramento, California in mid-February for the past 22 years. This festival celebrates all things sweet potato and it draws hundreds of sweet potato aficionados each year.


The Sweet Potato Festival is held every year in the Samuel C. Pannel Community Center in Sacramento, California. The center's address is 2450 Meadowview Road; Sacramento, CA 95832. This annual festival is a family event organized by the Black Alumni Pacific Club and the National Council of Negro Women. Admission is free.


The Sacramento Sweet Potato Festival is held in mid-February every year as part of the celebration of Black History Month. The 22nd annual Sweet Potato Festival was held on February 12, 2011 from 10 am until 4 pm. Currently, organizers do not have an official website for the festival.


The guest of honor at the annual festival is, obviously, the sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A and have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes, making them a healthy starch. Every year guests have the opportunity to sample foods featuring this under appreciated tuber. Featured foods include sweet potato ice cream and sweet potato cake, but the main attraction is usually the sweet potato pies made by the Sacramento Job Corps.

Who Makes It All Possible

This event is organized by the Black Alumni Pacific Club each year. With their partner, the National Council of Negro Women, they make sure it is an annual gig in Sacramento in February as part of Black History Month. For the 2011 festival, the Sacramento Job Corps baked more than 200 pies and 100 tarts which were then sold to attendees. The Sweet Potato Council also donated 240 pounds of sweet potatoes for the festival and Gunther's Ice Cream Shop mixed up the sweet potato ice cream.

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