Sweet 16 Party Decoration Themes

by Sarah Mollman
Use director's chairs to give a Sweet 16 party with a Hollywood theme.

Use director's chairs to give a Sweet 16 party with a Hollywood theme.

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Give your Sweet 16 birthday party an overall theme. Decorate the tables, ceiling, walls and entryway of your venue with details that reflect the theme you select. These details will give the look and feel of being transported into a different time period, season or country. By giving your Sweet 16 a theme, you create a party that will stand out in the eyes of your guests.

Black and White

Decorate the location of your Sweet 16 birthday party in a formal or semiformal black-and-white color scheme. Use black and white balloons, streamers and tablecloths. Top your tables off with groups of white pillar candles of different sizes. Scatter white rose petals across each table as well. Create a dark mood by covering any windows with black curtains or even black garbage bags. Add a black light to the room to illuminate the white decoration details.

Alice In Wonderland

Give your Sweet 16 birthday party a theme that revolves around the classic story "Alice in Wonderland." Focus the decor of your party on one or more scenes. Create a "Mad Hatter tea party" by decorating tables with brightly colored teapots and teacups in a variety of sizes. You can even fill a large teacup with a potted plant as a centerpiece. Set up mirrors of different sizes against the walls. Scatter playing cards on table tops or on the floor.


Display true Hollywood glam throughout the venue of your Sweet 16 birthday party. Roll out the red carpet leading up to the entrance of your party. Have faux paparazzi snapping photos of your guests near the red carpet. Place large stars on the floor of your party venue to mimic the walk of fame, with the name of a guest on each star. Display a Hollywood Hills sign on a poster board or make one from white cardboard letters. Rent director's chairs to place throughout the party for guests to relax in. Use tablecloths, streamers and balloons in colors like red, black, white and silver. Obtain movie posters from your local video store to hang on the walls.

Jungle Fever

Take your Sweet 16 birthday party guests for a walk on the wild side. Give your party a jungle-fever feel with the decorations you display. Create jungle vines by twisting brown and green ribbon or streamers together from the ceiling. Use bowls full of bananas as table centerpieces. Hang brown streamers from the ceiling to the floor to make "animal cages" for your friends to dance in. Place tiki torches on the floor or table tops for festive lighting.

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