Surprise Party Ideas for Senior Citizens

by Mary Sharp
A surprise party is a great way to show someone you care and have planned a special day for them.

A surprise party is a great way to show someone you care and have planned a special day for them.

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Whether it's a small, intimate party with close friends and family, or a large gathering, a surprise party is a classic celebration for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Surprise parties aren't just for kids. In fact, there are a lot of great surprise party ideas for seniors as well. Just make sure you keep it a secret from the guest of honor!

"Kidnapping" Surprise Party

This is a fun twist on a traditional surprise party. For the "kidnapping" surprise, you take the guest to the party, not the party to the guest. Show up at the person's house on a day you know he will be home and doesn't have important plans. Tell him that you have a special birthday present, but that you don't want him to see it yet -- and blindfold him. Have family and friends gather at another location, such as a bowling alley, community center, or park. Drive your guest to the party. Before you take off the blindfold, tell him you have arrived at the site to see the special gift. Then have everyone yell, "Surprise!"

Treasure Hunt Surprise Party

This is a fun idea that is a play on a traditional treasure hunt. For this party, have friends and family gather at a location close to the guest's house, such as the backyard or a park within walking distance. Tell the guest of honor that you have made her a treasure hunt. Hide clues around the house (being careful to not lead her anywhere she will see the guests). Each clue should lead to the next. For instance, if a clue is hidden under the piano, the clue before it might read, "This is where you like to play Christmas carols." Tell her that her gift is the last clue. The final clue will lead to the surprise party. Once she walks in and sees her guests, have everyone yell, "Surprise!"

Special Memories Surprise Party

This is a wonderful idea for an older guest of honor who has many friends and family members with fond memories of him. First, sit the guest down in an area such as a living room or dining room. Tell him that a few special guests are there to surprise him, but he needs to guess who it is. Have the party-goers line up in the next room. You can put up a curtain for an extra effect. Before coming out (one at a time), each will speak loudly and tell a memory of the guest of honor, who will then try to guess who is behind the curtain. When he guesses correctly, that person will come out and join him. This goes on until everyone has come out.

Rented Bus

This is a fun surprise party idea that is sure to be unexpected. Ask the guest of honor to meet you at a familiar location, such as a street corner or the grocery store. Instead of pulling up in your car, pull up with a rented bus (or minibus) full of friends and family. Have the guest join everyone one the bus, and go to a fun location, such as the zoo, community center, botanical garden, or any other place that the guest of honor would enjoy spending the day.

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