Surprise Housewarming Party Ideas

by James Roland
Make a housewarming party a surprise effort to help the homeowner.

Make a housewarming party a surprise effort to help the homeowner.

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A surprise housewarming party is a great idea for a friend who's moved into a new place. Don't make the party just an excuse to have fun, however. Tailor the party to the homeowner's needs. Consider ideas that will both celebrate the new home or apartment and assist the new homeowner in some way.


For a friend whose new home needs to be painted, throw a surprise painting party. Have guests meet at the paint store and ask each to buy a gallon of paint, a paint brush or a paint tray as a housewarming gift. Invent a reason to get the new homeowner to meet you at the paint store. When he walks in and sees the guests all there, inform him that it's a surprise house painting party that's meant as a housewarming gift. Move the group to the new house, put everyone to work and hold a barbecue while the work is underway.

Just LIke TV

TV shows often feature a surprise room makeover for a lucky recipient. You and your friends can do the same thing for the new homeowner in your life by buying new furniture, rugs, art or accessories and installing them while the homeowner is away. Invent a reason to get the homeowner out of her new apartment. Send one friend with her to keep her away while you do the makeover. If painting is necessary, plan an entire afternoon to get the job done. When finished, set up party food and drinks. Contact the friend with the homeowner and tell him to bring her back. She'll get two great surprises when she returns, a party and a fabulous room.

You Bring the Barbecue

This party works well in warm weather. Tell a new homeowner you'd like to give him the gift of a barbecue grill as a housewarming present. Ask him to come to the store with you to pick it out. Make sure you buy him a grill that's easy to assemble with at least 400 square inches of cooking space. While you're at the store, have friends gather secretly at the new house and prepare for an outdoor barbecue. When you return with the grill, go to the backyard together, where the homeowner will discover a party has assembled in his honor and that the gift was really from everyone. Then have fun putting the new grill to use.

Move-In Special

Sometimes a friend may need help moving. It's the perfect opportunity for a surprise housewarming party. Tell the friend you'll lend a hand on moving day. However, show up with 40 hands, an army of friends who'll attend the party afterward. Assign a small group to go to the new place and prepare party food and drinks. Assign the rest of the guests the job of loading boxes and furniture onto a truck, then unpacking the goods at the new place. Make sure the boxes have labels so that the helpers know where to unload your friend's belongings. Enjoy a housewarming celebration after everything is moved into place.

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