Surprise Birthday Party Ideas for a Forty Year Old

by Katina Blue
Planning a surprise 40th birthday party requires thoughtful planning.

Planning a surprise 40th birthday party requires thoughtful planning. Images

It's sad, but most people turning 40 dread the age like the plague. Fortunately, if any one you know is reaching this age, you can throw her a fabulous surprise 40th birthday party. Do not go anywhere near the over-the-hill party favors and decorations. They are only humorous to those who are not turning 40. Instead, plan a party that celebrates the beauty of aging and encourages the honoree to embrace wisdom, self-awareness and experience--all the things that the forties can bring.


The most important aspect of a surprise party is the element of surprise. Invite the honoree to hang out for the day. Tell her you're taking her out to dinner and shopping for her birthday. Remind her as the day approaches so that she does not make any other plans. To obtain a list of potential guests, tell her you're planning an event and ask her to invite some of her friends and family. Ask her to include names, addresses and phone numbers for invitation purposes. The more people you invite, the harder it will be to maintain the surprise, so keep the guest list small to avoid confusion.


A private residence is a good option for a surprise party because you have more control over the details than you would at a banquet hall or other establishment. Have the guests come to your house an hour early and offer to pick the honoree up so that you can control when she arrives. Appoint someone to keep the party coordinated while you pick up the honoree, and inform that person when you are nearby so that he can gather the guests for the surprise entrance. If you choose a banquet hall, make sure the outside is discreet and without birthday directions. Another option is to have the party at a restaurant. That way you can just invite the honoree to dinner and have the guests meet at the restaurant.


Forty-year-olds are not limited to the music of decades past. In fact, your honoree may enjoy the fresh and current sound of Billboard's top hits. Its about the fun of it all and encouraging the thought that 40 is just a number. Hire a DJ that specializes in current hits. Ask him to mix in a few jams from the past to provoke nostalgia. Of course, if your honoree adores the music from previous decades, then go with it.


Keep the decorations fresh and lively. Gold and black may look nice together, but an overload of the two colors could elude to a funeral theme. Try a red on red theme to evoke romanticism. Use red tablecloths and accent with red rose centerpieces. You could also have the guests wear red to represent virility and vitality. Place pictures of the honoree around the room. Choose photos that exhibit her zest for life. Include some funny photos, such as her wearing questionable fashions from the past. This will help her see how far she has come and be grateful that she is not as fashionably challenged.

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