How to Surf in Bicol, Philippines

by Megan Weber
Between the water and the waves, Bicol surfing is idyllic.

Between the water and the waves, Bicol surfing is idyllic. Images

Finding that perfect wave can be a surfer's elusive dream; while no guarantees can be made, the surfing in Bicol in the Philippines is some of the best on the planet. The Bicol region is made of six provinces, two being islands. The island of Catanduanes features the best surfing in the region, home to the famous Majestic break. The area is prone to typhoons, which create both fantastic swells and dangerous weather conditions. Throughout Bicol, challenging waves are available to those willing to take them on.

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Travel to Catanduanes. Visitors can get there by ferry, plane, or road; daily flights are available from Manila with Asian Spirit. From Manila, the bus travel is about 12 hours to Tabaco Port; then two ferries are available to take visitors to the beaches of Catanduanes. Those without surfboards can rent them at the beach.

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Make your way to Puraran Beach, home to the Majestic break. Named by two Australian surfers in 1979, the Majestic attracts world-class surfers between August and November for prime waves. For up-to-date swell sizes, Magic Seaweed provides real-time wave heights, wind speed, and prime swell locations. Board rentals are available, but it's advised that only experienced surfers try these waves. Tourist services are available by calling +63-052-811-3229.

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Try the waves at Bagasbas Beach in Daet Camarines Sur. Located on the northeastern side of the region, Bagasbas is ideal for both beginners and experts. According to Bicol Express, the waves average about 3 or 4 feet, with swells reaching 8 feet during typhoon season. The beach also features left and right breaks, allowing all surfers to catch a wave. Tourist resources for the beach, including board rental information, can be found at +63-054-721-4341.

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Check with your hotel for information about surfing prior to booking. Because the swells are ideal between August and November, but basically flat other months, booking in advance is suggested. Also, be sure to inquire about any wildlife surfers or beachgoers should be aware of in the area.

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