Superstitions Party Games

by Donni Jones
Throw a party with superstition-themed games on Friday the 13th.

Throw a party with superstition-themed games on Friday the 13th.

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One out-of-the-ordinary party idea is having fun with superstitions. There are so many of these widely held beliefs out there that you have several options for how to use them in party games. This idea will be a welcome change from typical party entertainment and will keep your guests laughing and entertained.

Match Up

Give everyone 60 seconds to see who can name the most items or situations that are supposed to bring positive results or good luck. Examples include a rabbit's foot, an apple a day, a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe and finding a penny heads up. Then let everyone try again with items or situations that are supposed to bring bad luck such as walking under a ladder, a black cat crossing your path, breaking a mirror and opening an umbrella indoors.

Finish It

One by one, call out actions and objects, and see who can most quickly yell out the superstitious quality associated with them. For example, you could say the following: break a mirror, a forked branch, step on a crack, at the end of a rainbow, having itchy palms and what has happened if you shiver? The answers, respecitvely, are: seven years bad luck, can help find water, break your mother's back, is a pot of gold, money will soon come your way and someone just walked over your grave.

Word Sports

Test everyone's mental dexterity with a couple of puzzling brain teaser games. Mix up the letters of some superstition-related words --- "superstition" "horseshoe," "folklore," "clover," "umbrella," "misfortune," "charm," "lucky" --- and give everyone two minutes to see who can unscramble the most. Hide some superstition-related phrases ---"nine lives ," "good luck, "bad luck," "black cat," "pot of gold," "forked branch," "seven years"--- in a word-find puzzle and give everyone two minutes to see who can find the most.

Rewarding Awards

Give away good luck-themed prizes to winners. Snack-sized sandwich bags filled with chocolate disks wrapped in gold foil make "pot of gold" prizes. Or fill full-sized sandwich bags with a few sugar cookies decorated with an icing four leaf clover. Look online for key chains, candles or bottle openers with a rabbit's foot, rainbow or horseshoe on them. And for a one-of-a-kind party favor, make keepsake refrigerator magnets: spray paint beer bottle caps, glue a magnet inside, and paint "Superstition Party" and the date on the front.

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