Sunday School Lessons for Preschooler Kids That Are 3 to 5

by Lisa M. McMahon
Incorporate many activities into preschool Sunday school lessons.

Incorporate many activities into preschool Sunday school lessons.

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Sunday school teachers need to understand the developmental characteristics of her students in planning her lessons. Her preschoolers are active and love to play pretend. They are also gaining muscle development and beginning to recognize colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Preschoolers are often not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality, so teachers need to be mindful of clearly separating the two in their teaching.

Bible Story

The core to any Sunday school curriculum is the actual Bible story. The Bible story should be in words the preschooler can understand. It should be short, since young children have short attention spans. Since children of this age love to pretend, you can review comprehension of the story by having them act out the story. Select one truth or verse for each lesson and repeat it often throughout the class period.


Plan craft time with the abilities of your preschoolers in mind. Use a variety of activities so that all five senses are stimulated. Provide crafts that use crayons, paintbrushes, puzzles, play dough, blocks, beads and scissors.


Repeat your main truth through music. Make up new lyrics to old favorite tunes. For example, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" could become Noah built a great, big boat, Great, big boat, Great, big boat Noah built a great, big boat For his family. The tunes may be new to the children, but they will be easy for you to remember and teach.


It can be a long time between breakfast and lunch for your preschoolers. With the parents' permission and documented information on student allergies, offer a healthy snack to your class that follows the theme of your lesson. For example, you could use goldfish crackers to reinforce "Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand" to remind the children that Jesus used just five barley loaves and two fish.

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