Sunday School Ideas for a Winter Party

by Donni Jones
Use the season as the theme for a Sunday school winter party.

Use the season as the theme for a Sunday school winter party.

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Draw on the season to provide inspiration if you're planning an upcoming winter party for the kids during Sunday school. Winter as a theme can be incorporated in a number of unique, Bible-themed, entertaining ways guaranteed to provide a good time for kids from toddler age to teens.

Do it Up

Decorate with all things winter white. Put up paper angels with robes and halos and large paper snowflakes along with white streamers, Christmas lights, flags and big balloon clusters. You can create faux drifts of snow with piles of packing peanuts and carve an artificial snowman out of Styrofoam. Pass out white party hats with the names of various Bible characters on them for kids to wear. Hang a white "Sunday School Winter Party" banner.

Go Out

Weather permitting, plan outdoor activities. Set up a sleigh ride. Have a competition to see who can dress the best snowman or throw a snowball farthest. If there's not yet snow on the ground, tug-of-war, sack races and a trampoline for kids are good options. Hide Christian-themed items such as ceramic angels, mini-Bibles, and cross key chains for kids to find during a scavenger hunt. Rent outdoor heaters if it's very cold.

Stay In

If it's too cold, bring the party inside. Set up a bean bag toss or bob for apples. Play Pin the Halo on the Angel and Bible-themed versions of such games as charades and Pictionary. Conduct a Bible drill: Read a winter-themed chapter and verse, seeing who can locate the passage fastest. Set up a couple of winter craft stations. Provide templates, markers and stickers so kids can make paper Ice Queen and Snow King crowns. Provide cord and letter and number beads so kids can make Bible-verse bracelets.

Eat Up

For snack time during the winter party, serve something a little heartier than the usual cookies and juice, and add a Bible-themed word to the name of each dish. Make "heavenly" hot dogs, "Bible" brownies and "saintly" cider; or bowls of "cherubim" chili, "Corinthians" corn chips and "pharaoh" fruit cups or "pious" pizza, "Colossians" cookies and "Sunday" soda. Or stop by your grocery store deli-bakery to pick up some "seraphim" sandwiches and vanilla-frosted "Christian" cupcakes.

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