Summer Carnivals in New Jersey

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Carnivals are fun and entertaining for the whole family

Carnivals are fun and entertaining for the whole family

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Carnivals are a great way to enjoy everything summertime has to offer. With fun rides, games and tasty treats, carnivals are the perfect way to spend a warm summer day with family and friends. If you are looking for an enjoyable summer carnival or fair, look no further than New Jersey.

New Jersey State Fair

For the past 25 years, the New Jersey State Fair has been each August at the Sussex County Fairgrounds. It is the biggest fair in New Jersey. The New Jersey State Fair includes livestock and animal exhibits, pony rides, pig racing, horse shows and petting zoo. It features carnival rides, games and live entertainment, including various stage shows, live music and a circus. The fair also has plenty of carnival food favorites, including corn dogs, pizza and funnel cakes.

Warren County Farmers' Fair

Warren County Farmer's Fair is each year in Harmony Township. It has been a tradition for more than 70 years. The fair features carnival rides, games and farm-fresh ice cream. The fair includes the annual hot air balloon festival, as well as antique car shows, demolition derby, farm exhibits and an arts expo. Visitors can compete in the largest ice cream sundae competition, lawnmower racing, a bubble gum blowing contest and the heaviest vegetable contest.

Deptford Mall Carnival

In June 2011, Deptford Mall's first annual carnival is being presented by SODAT (Services to Overcome Drug Abuse Among Teenagers) of New Jersey. Dreamland Amusements is providing carnival rides and games at the carnival, which will be in Woodbury. Local rock band Evergreen is playing. Proceeds go to SODAT, which provides addiction and recovery services.

New Jersey State Ice Cream Festival

The New Jersey State Ice Cream Festival is each July in New Toms, New Jersey. The event has plenty to offer the whole family, featuring both children's and adults' ice cream eating contests, live music, rides and ice cream tastings. Ice cream parlors from across the state compete to win the best tasting ice cream titles, selected by a panel of judges. Children can enjoy plenty of games, inflatable rides, balloon artists and a stilt walker.

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