Summary of "Wedding Crashers"

by Leslie Nierste

"Wedding Crashers" is a 2005 movie directed by David Dobkin. It features characters John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn), two top divorce mediators from Washington D.C. Their hobby is crashing weddings to look for and seduce women. However, all goes awry when John falls in love with a bridesmaid at a high-profile wedding.

Wedding Season

The film opens with a particularly hostile divorce mediation. John and Jeremy successfully talk the couple into cooperating, showing off their smooth-talking skills. The film flashes forward to John and Jeremy's "wedding season," the three weeks a year where they crash weddings every weekend to find and seduce women. They successfully crash weddings of various denominations.

Meeting Claire

After a sequence of weddings, Jeremy convinces John to go to one more wedding: the wedding of the Secretary of the Treasury's oldest daughter. Jeremy successfully seduces Gloria (Isla Fisher), the secretary's youngest daughter. However, much to Jeremy's terror, Gloria becomes extremely clingy. Meanwhile, John finds that he doesn't want to just have a one-night stand with Claire Cleary (Rachel McAdams), the middle daughter; he is genuinely interested in her. His attempts to get to know her are spoiled when Claire's boyfriend, Sack (Bradley Cooper), arrives.

A Weekend Invitation

John convinces Jeremy to accept an invitation to join the Clearys for an extended weekend stay at their house. Jeremy is hurt during a flag football game and is later threatened when Secretary Cleary (Christopher Walken) indicates that Jeremy should not hurt Gloria. In order to get Claire alone, John poisons Sack with eyedrops during dinner, but his plans backfire when Claire goes to take care of Sack for the night.

The Next Day

Sack tries to dig up dirt on John and Jeremy to get them out of the picture. Meanwhile, John makes progress with Claire on a sailing trip, but is foiled when Sack invites John and Jeremy to hunt quail. John and Claire later go for a bike ride, where Claire admits that she doesn't know how she feels about Sack.

An Engagement

Sack announces that he and Claire are engaged at lunch later that day. John is crushed, but refuses to leave. Just as John is convincing Claire to leave Sack, Jeremy runs from the house screaming. Sack has exposed John and Jeremy as being wedding crashers, and they are subsequently kicked out of the house.

Funeral Crashing

Back in D.C., desperate John tries to crash Claire and Sack's engagement party. He is caught and kicked out. He also discovers that Jeremy has been seeing Gloria behind John's back. Depressed, John seeks the advice of Chazz (Will Ferrell), the original wedding crasher, and learns that Chazz has started crashing funerals. John agrees to crash a funeral to see what it is like. While there, he realizes that he doesn't want to have a life of one-night stands.

Jeremy's Wedding

Jeremy asks Gloria to marry him. John joins the wedding mid-ceremony and apologizes to Jeremy. John tries to talk to Claire during the ceremony, but he is interrupted when Sack begins to yell at Claire. Claire finally tells Sack that she can not marry him. Sack tries to attack John, but Jeremy knocks Sack out before he can. The film ends as Gloria, Jeremy, John and Claire drive away and talk about crashing a wedding together.


  • New Line Cinema: "Wedding Crashers"; David Dobkin; 2005.