Summary of "The Titan of Twilight"

by Ginger Yapp

"The Titan of Twilight" is the third novel in the "Twilight Giants" trilogy penned by best-selling author Troy Denning. Published in 2005, the Forgotten Realms fantasy novel -- aimed at a young teen audience -- finishes up the story Denning started with "The Ogre's Pact" and "The Giant Among Us."

Lanaxis' Pursuit

The novel opens with the very pregnant Queen Brianna setting out on travels with her husband -- Tavis Burdun -- to survey the land they rule over. Little do they know that the so-called Twilight Giant, Lanaxis, has decided to pursue Brianna so he can steal her precious baby boy. Having seen a dark prophecy, Lanaxis believes that Queen Brianna's child will someday rule all of the giants.

The Attack

Lanaxis eventually finds Queen Brianna and Tavis; Brianna is sleeping atop a castle tower when he strikes. He wrenches the entire tower from the castle, and carries it piecemeal back to his castle. During the battle, Tavis is injured; he still manages to chase Lanaxis -- who towers over everything at 100 feet tall -- back to his home. Tavis decides to wait to attack Lanaxis, as Lanaxis is only strong at nighttime.

The Perfect Weapon

Tavis goes to look for the Sky Cleaver, a mythical weapon that is one of his only chances at beating Lanaxis. Enlisting the help of his friend Galgadyle, he finds the weapon, which allows him to tower like a giant next to Lanaxis. Tavis must wield the weapon carefully, however, as the downside of the powerful weapon is that every time a person uses it, he ages rapidly. If he takes too long to defeat Lanaxis, he may die before rescuing Brianna.

The Rescue

Will Tavis and Queen Brianna defeat the Titan of Twilight? Will they live happily ever after with their new child? Will the new child truly portend dark things for the kingdom? Denning wraps up all of the burning questions presented in the first two novels, as the whole cast of characters -- including runemaster Basil and young Avner -- returns to help take down Lanaxis.