Summary of "The Hardy Boys: The Mummy's Curse"

by Ginger Yapp
Joe and Frank Hardy's vacation in Cairo is interrupted by a new case.

Joe and Frank Hardy's vacation in Cairo is interrupted by a new case.

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"The Mummy's Curse" appeared in 2006 as the 13th of the Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers series of children's detective novels. The novel -- written under the pen name Franklin W. Dixon -- continues the adventures of literary brothers Frank and Joe Hardy, who have been solving mysteries since their first story in the 1920s. Join Joe and Frank as they venture through the sands of Egypt while investigating the murder of a Hollywood star.

Fun in the Sun?

Frank and Joe Hardy are two smart teenagers -- and after-school detectives -- on holiday in Cairo, Egypt, with their father, Fenton Hardy, and the rest of their extended family. When we first meet our young heroes, however, instead of relaxing and sightseeing, they are running for their lives away from the members of an angry drug cartel. They're in over their heads, after seeing a body fall from a hotel window; someone doesn't want the witnesses to live. After being pursued all over town, the thugs are finally nabbed.

A Secret Message

But the boys don't have long to relax, even after the aforementioned thugs are arrested. Soon after, the boys stumble across a mysterious video shop, after being implored inside by a man wearing a fez. As it turns out, the video game he wants them to buy isn't just a video game -- it's a message from their boss at the American Teens Against Crime office. Frank and Joe aren't your average teenagers; they're also secret agents.

The Mission

The brothers' boss, Q.T., reveals that movie star-turned-explorer Roger Corson -- who was seeking the long-lost Tomb of the Golden Mummy -- has turned up dead, under rather suspicious circumstances. Although the murderer has made it look like the work of a supernatural curse, Q.T. explains that it is quite likely that the man was murdered by another member of his archaeological expedition's party, possibly with the intention of whisking away the mummy's remains to sell them on the black market.


Will the Hardy brothers be able to root out the identity of the murderer before the mummy -- and the money -- disappear? Was the explorer really killed by the spirit of Pharaoh Semerkhet III? The boys must perform some death-defying stunts and outrun some truly evil dudes before the novel comes to a close. You will have to read the novel to find out what becomes of our beloved heroes and their adventures in the Valley of the Serpents.

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