Summary of ''Shooting Stars'' by Lebron James

by Rebecca Mayglothling
LeBron James remembers his first basketball team in

LeBron James remembers his first basketball team in "Shooting Stars."

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NBA star LeBron James has published the story of his first basketball team, a group of rag-tag boys from Akron, Ohio, who played for the community youth basketball team called the Shooting Stars. Readers interested in finding the story need to search for its new title, "LeBron's Dream Team."

The Boys

The boys on the team come from every different possible background. LeBron lived with a nomadic single mother. Willie was raised by his brother while his parents remained in Chicago. Dru's dad helped coach the team. Each boy receives a brief back story in the book, which helps the reader understand the boys' differences and struggles.

The Team

As the boys come together as a team, they discover a skill set that includes teamwork and companionship. The book describes the relationships among the boys as team members and as individuals. The common goal of the team is to play great basketball. The individual personalities of the players contribute to the success of the team as a whole, as James illustrates.

The Challenges

The team faces challenges, such as the low-income neighborhood in which they live and personalities that sometimes clash. Despite the differences and obstacles, the boys continue to play, even practicing in the street when basketball courts are unavailable. In addition to inner challenges, the boys face outer challenges, such as exploitation and hatred from the black community for attending a white high school.

The Reward

The first reward in the story is the entrance of the team into the National Championship Tournament in Memphis. They lost focus and were sent home early, but the experience served to strengthen the bond between the boys rather than weaken it. The underlying reward in the book is the friendship and bond of teammates. The boys continue their friendship into manhood through every challenge.

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