Summary of R. L. Stine Book "Return of the Mummy"

by Emma Rensch

"Return of the Mummy" is part of the Goosebumps series.

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This classic Goosebumps thriller is part of a series about the ancient pyramids in Egypt. "Return of the Mummy" features relatable child characters and laughable adults, and is full of mystery, suspense and even some history.


At the opening of the book, Gabe is returning to Egypt, where his Uncle Ben is presenting a pyramid he has been excavating. Gabe arrives only to find out that his quirky uncle has arranged for them to stay in tents immediately outside of the pyramid. Uncle Ben tells Gabe and Gabe's cousin Sari that soon he and his team will be able to access the tomb inside the pyramid. He shows them the entrance, but suddenly the group is attacked by a mummy. After a moment of panic, Gabe realizes it is only a man in a costume shooting a bandage commercial.

The Scarab Necklace

Uncle Ben gives Gabe a necklace made of amber, with a sacred scarab trapped inside. Uncle Ben warns Gabe that a scarab bite means instant death. Gabe is not worried because the ancient scarab is preserved in amber, until Sari alerts him the insect is crawling on his skin. He feels a pinch and panics, only to find that the scarab is still inside his necklace and it was Sari who pinched him.

Ben's Secret Tomb

Uncle Ben tells Gabe more about the tomb he is attempting to enter. Ben says that the tomb could be filled with pharaoh's riches, or it could be empty. Ben, Gabe and Sari go to the pyramid to watch the team enter the tomb, but a beautiful reporter named Nila stops them. Nila wants to be present when the team enters the tomb, and says she has permission from the rest of the team. She has an amber necklace like Gabe's with no scarab inside.

A Secret Chamber

Suddenly Gabe is lost and alone inside the pyramid. He has fallen into a secret chamber overrun with spiders. Ben, Sari and Nila rescue Gabe from the chamber. In the previous Goosebumps book, Gabe received a mummy hand, which begins twitching as he is pulled from the secret chamber. When it is finally time to enter the tomb, Ben's partner Dr. Fielding begs him not to do it. He warns that the dead prince inside will live again if intruders enter. Ben ignores his partner and opens the tomb, only to find it empty.

The Prince's Coffin

The team finds another door within the tomb. They open it and find a room filled with treasure. The room also contains a coffin. Inside the coffin is the mummy of Prince Khor-Ru. Just as the team opens the coffin, the Cairo police arrive. Dr. Fielding has called them to guard the treasure, against Ben's wishes.

Reawakening the Dead

Later that night, Nila convinces Ben to tell her the phrase that will reincarnate the mummy. Ben reveals the phrase to be "Teki Kahru Teki Kehra Teki Khari." Nila leaves and Dr. Fielding arrives and demands that Ben accompany him to the pyramid, and Gabe and Sari follow secretly at a distance. They wait outside the pyramid while the two men enter. Soon Dr. Fielding leaves alone, and the children enter the pyramid looking for Ben.

Attempted Murder

Gabe and Sari find Ben gagged and suffocating inside the coffin in the mummy's tomb. They assume Dr. Fielding has left him to die. Suddenly they notice the mummy running towards them. At that moment Nila appears with Gabe's mummy hand, which she has stolen. She uses it to command the mummy, revealing to Ben and Sira that she is over 4,000 years old and the mummy is her brother. It is their plan to rule over Egypt now that the mummy has been brought back to life.

Rest In Peace

To the children's surprise, the mummy begins attacking Nila, asking to be left in peace. Her amber necklace falls and breaks. Nila angrily explains that she used the necklace to live for 4,000 years, turning into a scarab each night and entering the amber. Now she transforms into a scarab one final time and crawls away.


Dr. Fielding reappears and explains that he was running to get the police to help Ben after Nila tied him up and put him in the coffin. The humans leave the pyramid and the mummy reenters his tomb alone. The book closes with the group safely back in their camp.


  • "Return of the Mummy"; R.L. Stine; 2006

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