Summary of the Movie "The Mummy"

by Shawn Lealos

"The Mummy" hit theaters in 1999 and helped re-introduce audiences to the classic horror monster.

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The Mummy may not be the most popular of the Universal Monsters (which include Dracula and Frankenstein), but in 1999, Universal tried to rectify that with a new Hollywood blockbuster. Actor Brendan Fraser joined director Stephen Sommers to create a CGI-filled action movie, reviving The Mummy for a new generation. The movie was a big success, bringing in over $400 million worldwide and spawning two sequels and a pair of prequels.

The Setting

"The Mummy" originally thrilled audiences in 1932, and the 1999 version retains similar elements to the original story. Sommers gave this movie an "Indiana Jones" style and feel, as Brendan Fraser plays a swashbuckling character looking to find a lost city. Sommers also added a more graphic feel to this movie by featuring a more horrific-looking Mummy throughout the film. Sommers also added humor with a comic sidekick character to relieve the tension for modern mainstream audiences.

The Cast of Characters

Brendan Fraser stars as Rick O'Connell, a man who knows the location of the City of the Dead but is sentenced to be executed. A museum employee named Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) and her alcoholic brother Jonathan (John Hannah) pay off a crooked warden to release Rick so he can lead them on an expedition to uncover the long-lost city for the museum. When they arrive, they awaken the evil Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) who wishes for nothing more than to resurrect the spirit of his dead lover Anck-su-namun (Patricia Velasquez).

The Legend of the Mummy

Imhotep and Anck-su-namun were secret lovers, as she was the mistress of the Pharaoh. When the Pharaoh caught the two together, they attacked and murdered him. Anck-su-namun killed herself while Imhotep escaped. When Imhotep stole her body and tried to bring her back to life, the Pharaoh's guards caught him and stopped the ritual. Instead of executing him, they mummified him alive and placed him in a tomb full of flesh-eating scarabs. His coffin was hidden so no one could find it and bring his evil back to the world.

The Mummy Returns (Spoilers)

The group finds the Book of the Dead, and Evelyn reads a passage from it aloud, allowing Imhotep to return from the dead. While the heroes return to Cairo, Imhotep begins to seek out the individuals who entered his tomb. Every time he kills one of them, he further regenerates into a flesh-and-blood being. Imhotep plans to kill Evelyn, believing that will resurrect Anck-su-namun, but Rick and Jonathan show up to rescue her. Evelyn turns Imhotep mortal by reading from the Book of Amun-Ra. Rick then kills Imhotep, saving Evelyn's life and winning her over in the end.

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