A Summary of the Movie "The Love Winner"

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"The Love Winner" is a Chinese and Taiwanese film collaboration.

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"The Love Winner" is an Asian film by Director Kevin Chu and is about the desire for independence and young love between two different couples. A 20th century film, "The Love Winner", also known as "I Love How You Love Me," stars Jimmy Lin, Liu Yi Fei (Crystal), Ambrose Hsu and Kristy Yang and features action, drama, comedy and romance. Director Kevin Chu has once again produced a successful film.

Wealthy Martial Arts Enthusiast

Wealthy Taiwanese Hang Wen (Ambrose Hsu) is a martial arts enthusiast. Yue Shan (Kristy Yang), a local teacher, finds Hang's wealth and fitness favorable qualities for a future husband and begins to try and grab his attention. Yue Shan is surprised how difficult it is to get Hang to notice her, as Hang is busy pursuing his own interests, but Yue is determined to make Hang notice her and joins the same school.

Independent Spirits Find Love

The film opens in Hong Kong, where an independent and strong Qiao Li (Liu Yifei) meets Heng Feng (Jimmy Lin), a loner with the same independent spirit. Heng Feng's father's business of smuggling has Heng Feng living a private life, not allowing anyone in, until he meets Qiao and their relationship develops. All the characters in Kevin Chu's film consider independence as their goal, yet at the same time they are unconsciously looking for love amid their loneliness -- when they find love, they are surprised and their beliefs of independence are challenged.

Adding Humor to the Film

Director Kevin Chu adds drama to the lovers' lives in the form of two undercover police officers, who seem to have a few problems achieving their goals. The police officers' goals include catching Heng's father in his smuggling business, by following Heng wherever he goes. The two undercover police officers bumble their way through the film, adding humor to Chu's film, yet never really find the evidence against Heng's father they are seeking.

Attitudes Challenged

All the characters in "The Love Winner" cross paths with one another. Hang, Yue, Qiao and Heng find themselves at the same school. Heng finds in Qaio what was missing in his distant relationship with his father, while Hang finds love is possible when he meets Yue. The characters in Chu's film begin as distant and independent, yet after their relationships develop, they also find their attitudes challenged and they begin to view the world in a different way. "The Love Winner" is a highly recommended film.

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