A Summary of the Movie "Ted Bundy"

by Elizabeth (Lisa)Thompson

The 2002 movie "Ted Bundy," starring Michael Reilly Burke and directed by Matthew Bright, features the life of the infamous serial killer by the same name who raped and murdered at least 19 women. Theodore Robert Bundy admitted he killed 28 women. Some estimates place this number between 32 and 100. The movie examines Ted Bundy's charming yet psychopathic life, including his victims and killing sprees, capture, two escapes from custody and conviction and execution.


The movie opens in 1974 with Bundy working as a counselor in Seattle while struggling as a law student. It follows his deadly trail of victims across the country to Utah, Colorado and finally to Florida, culminating with his electric chair execution on January 24, 1989.


The cast includes Boti Bliss as Lee, Julianna McCarthy as the professor, Jennifer Tisdale as the pretty girl, Michael Santos as the man at the window and Annalee Autumn as Anna Lee Wooster, a girl attacked on the street.


The DVD includes extra material, including commentary by the director. He took creative license in the movie, such as changing dates, facts of the case and names of victims. No real names of the victims are used in the film. The film includes no social background or history on Bundy. The police version of events is not included either.


The movie includes an excessive amount of gore, including rape, all types of deviant sexual practices and murder. Quick and brutal killings, decapitation, mummified bodies and bludgeoned corpses add further to this realistic shocking, stark portrayal of the events surrounding the killings.