Summary of the Movie "Rush Hour 3"

by Nathaniel Williams
Once considered an odd couple, Chan and Tucker are one of the most reliable movie pairings.

Once considered an odd couple, Chan and Tucker are one of the most reliable movie pairings.

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"Rush Hour 3," the third in the blockbuster Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker action-comedy series, was not nearly as big a hit as its predecessor, "Rush Hour 2," but still was a huge international success. The film's action takes place mostly in Paris and features cameos from actor Max von Sydow and director Roman Polanski.

The Set-Up

Set three years after the ending of "Rush Hour 2," James Carter (Chris Tucker) is now a traffic cop in Los Angeles, and Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) is a bodyguard for the Chinese Ambassador Han. Ambassador Han announces the importance of defeating the Triad gangs and hints that he may know the whereabouts of one of their criminal leaders when he is nearly killed in an assassination attempt that is averted by Lee's quick efforts. Lee and Carter team up again to apprehend those behind the assassination attempt.

Following the Leads

Han's daughter, Soo Yung, tells Lee and Carter that there is vital information in the locker at her martial arts studio, but when the duo arrive they discover and defeat an armed gang that has already raided the studio. They return to the hospital and battle another group of French-speaking assassins. They discover that they, along with Han and his daughter, are targeted for killing and decide to head to Paris to investigate further.

Arrival in Paris

Carter and Lee arrive in Paris, and, after a humorous encounter with a Parisian policeman played by Roman Polanski, they make their way to a Triad hideout. There Carter meets an attractive informant with more information about the Triad leaders, but Carter and Lee are captured before they can find out more. They manage to escape and then save the informant from another assassination attempt, discovering that the list of Triad leaders is tattooed on her back.

Ending: Spoilers

Meanwhile, Soo Yung has been captured, and the Triad demands an exchange of the daughter for the informant. Carter and Lee agree, but arrive for the exchange with Carter disguised as the informant. There is an elaborate comic fight sequence where Carter and Lee escape almost certain death multiple times, save both the informant and Han's daughter, and kill most of the main villains. The French policeman from earlier arrives to claim credit for the successful operation, but Lee and Carter punch him in the face as comic punctuation to the film.

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