A Summary of the Movie "Just Go With It"

by Rachel Murray
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston at the movie's premiere.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston at the movie's premiere.

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Dennis Dugan directed "Just Go With It," a romantic comedy about the extremes one man will go to marry the woman of his dreams. "Just Go With It" stars comedy veterans Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. The movie also features Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews in comedic roles that will surprise audiences. Despite not impressing critics, "Just Go With It" was a hit at the theaters, earning multiple nominations for the fan-voted MTV and Teen Choice Awards.

Plot Summary

Adam Sandler plays Danny Maccabee, a plastic surgeon who uses the guise of an unhappy marriage to pick up women. However, Danny's scheme backfires when his girlfriend Palmer, whom he plans to marry, wants to meet his future ex-wife. To help cover his lies, Danny's office manager Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), a divorced mother of two, agrees to pose as his wife. While Danny, Katherine, her kids and Palmer vacation together in Hawaii, the situation is complicated by the arrival of Devlin Adams, Katherine's old rival.


Near the movie's end, Danny and Palmer decide to have an impromptu wedding in Hawaii. Unable to bring herself to attend the wedding, Katherine admits to Devlin at the bar that she loves Danny. Danny arrives after Katherine's confession and says he could not marry Palmer because he loves Katherine. Palmer leaves Hawaii but meets a professional tennis player on the plane home whom she instantly bonds with. The movie ends with Katherine and Danny getting married.


Movie critics gave "Just Go With It" poor reviews. Roger Ebert gave the movie only one star out of ten, saying, "The people in this movie are dumber than a box of Tinkertoys." "The Washington Post" called the movie "an egregiously unfunny enterprise," and the "Austin Chronicle" criticized Jennifer Aniston's and Adam Sandler's performances, claiming Nicole Kidman's role "is the only refreshing thing in the movie." Despite the reviews, "Just Go With It" was the number-one movie at the box office on its opening weekend.


"Just Go With It" is a remake of the 1969 comedy "Cactus Flower," which starred Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman and Goldie Hawn. In this movie the character Julian is a dentist who pretends to have an ex-wife and children to avoid committing to women. Julian's nurse, Miss Dickinson, poses as his ex-wife, and, similar to "Just Go With It," they fall in love by the movie's end. Unlike "Just Go With It," "Cactus Flower" received critical acclaim. The movie received a Golden Globe nomination for best motion picture, and Goldie Hawn won an Oscar and Golden Globe for best supporting actress.

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