A Summary of the Movie "Futari No Samurai"

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"Futari No Samurai" focuses on a tennis prodigy and his friends.

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"Futari No Samurai" is the first film in the popular Japanese manga series "The Prince of Tennis." The series focuses on Ryoma Echizen, a tennis prodigy and student at Seishun Academy. "Futari No Samurai" introduces a new character to the series, Ryoga Echizen, Ryoma's older brother by adoption.

Ryoma Echizen

The protagonist of the series and the film is Ryoma Echizen. Ryoma is the son of Nanjiro, one of the best professional tennis players that ever lived. Attempting to live up to his father's name, Ryoma makes his way through the ranks of Seishun Academy and is often called the Prince of Tennis. Ryoma is joined in the film by the usual cast of characters in the series, including stern Kunumitsu Tezuka and cheerful Shusuke Fuji.

Ryoga Echizen

Much of "Futari No Samurai" focuses on Ryoga, Ryoma's older brother. Ryoga was adopted by Nanjiro while the Echizen family spent time in America. Ryoga is a tennis prodigy like Ryoma, and initially they do not get along. However, Ryoga sees potential in Ryoma and as they grow up together, they develop a mutual respect for one another. Ryoga's story is told through a series of flashbacks to the Echizen family's time in America.


The members of the Seishun Academy tennis team are invited onto a cruise ship by Sakurafubuki Hikomaro to play a match against his own tennis team, which includes Ryoga Echizen. It is on the ship that Ryoga introduces himself to the team as Ryoma's older brother. As the cruise ship sails, the team discovers that something is not right on the ship. Tezuka and Oishi, two members of the team, decide to investigate further.


The team finds out that they are part of an illegal gambling plot and that they are expected to purposely lose the match in order to make Sakurafubuki a lot of money. Sakurafubuki is also using Ryoga, a prodigal tennis player, to ensure his own victory. When the Seishun team refuses to throw the tennis match, Sakurafubuki turns to drastic measures. While Ryoma and Ryoga play against one another, Sakurafubuki takes the students hostage, and the lives of Ryoma's teammates hang in the balance.

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