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In the supernatural film "Carrie," the protagonist manipulates objects with her mind. Images

"Carrie" is a 1976 movie adapted from bestselling horror author Stephen King's novel of the same name. The film was both a box office and critical success, with Academy Award nominations for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. The movie tells the story of an outcast girl who discovers she has paranormal abilities. The film's ending is one of the most iconic revenge scenes in movie history.


Carrie White is played by Sissy Spacek. She is an awkward, unpopular teen who is frequently tormented by her peers. One notable bully is Chris Hargensen, played by Nancy Allen. John Travolta plays Chris' boyfriend, Billy Nolan. Carrie's mother, Margaret, is played by Piper Laurie. Her mother is emotionally abusive and might suffer from religious delusions. She is exceptionally strict with Carrie.


Strange things begin to happen when Carrie is angered or upset. As a group of girls corner and taunt her in the girls' locker room after she has her first period, a light bulb bursts. Later, a cruel boy crashes his bicycle moments after mocking her. After her mother hears about the episode in the locker room, she tells her that her body's natural functions are a punishment from God. She locks Carrie in her room, where the mirror breaks. In English class, Carrie shows appreciation for a poem by a classmate, Tommy. Tommy's girlfriend, Sue, feels guilty for being cruel to Carrie and asks him to take Carrie to the upcoming prom.

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Tommy asks Carrie to the prom, but she runs away, thinking it's another cruel trick from the popular crew. She later accepts, much to the dismay of her mother, who feels dancing is sinful. After a display of telekenetic power, her mother lets her go but believes Carrie has been granted powers from the devil. Meanwhile, Chris the bully is planning revenge against Carrie for the weeklong detention the popular girls received for the locker room harassment. She not only convinces her boyfriend to kill a pig and drain its blood, she rigs the election so that Carrie and Tommy are voted prom queen and king.

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The big night of the prom arrives. Carrie's mother attempts to prevent her from leaving but is unsuccessful. Carrie's classmates begin to warm up to her, and Sue, Tommy's girlfriend, sneaks into the prom to make sure things are OK. When Tommy and Carrie approach the stage to receive their crowns, the awful prank goes into effect. A bucket filled with the pig's blood is dumped on Carrie, and the bucket hits Tommy in the head. Carrie believes everyone in the gym is laughing at her, although only a few are. In her delusional, enraged state, she sets in motion a series of events that lead to a fire at the school that causes the deaths of almost everyone at the prom, even those who were kind to her. Billy and Chris escape and try to run Carrie over, but she kills them by overturning their car. Carrie arrives home and is at first comforted by her mother, who then tries to stab her, still believing the devil has a hold of her. Carrie uses her powers to propel knives at her mother, killing her. Out of guilt, she then makes the house collapse, killing herself as well. In the last scene Sue imagines Carrie's bloody hand reaching out of the ground for her, and she wakes up screaming from this dream.


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