Summary of the Movie "Black Sheep"

by K.C. Moore

"Black Sheep" is a 1996 comedy starring Chris Farley and David Spade. The movie was directed by Penelope Spheeris and also stars Tim Matheson, Gary Busey and Christine Ebersole. "Black Sheep" is often considered to be a spiritual successor to the movie "Tommy Boy," as both feature the comedy duo of Farley and Spade in a similar dynamic.

Meet Mike Donnelly

Al Donnelly (Tim Matheson) is a candidate running for the governorship of Washington against current governor Evelyn Tracy (Christine Ebersole). The biggest problem with Al's campaign is his brother Mike (Chris Farley) a well-meaning buffoon who is considered the "black sheep" of the family. Eager campaign worker Steve Dodds (David Spade) offers to look after Mike, but this task proves difficult when Mike is framed for arson. Luckily for the duo, the first cop on the scene is Robbie (Grant Heslov), a friend of Mike's who lets them escape.

Trouble in the Woods

With the election in jeopardy, Mike and Steve head for a cabin in the woods so they can hide out until the heat dies down. While searching for a cell-phone signal, Steve stumbles onto the home of Sgt. Drake Sabitch (Gary Busey), a crazed war veteran that Steve has previously encountered. When Steve accidentally triggers an avalanche that destroys their cabin on the night of the election, the duo sneaks into Drake's home to watch the coverage. Steve is attacked by Drake, but Mike comes to the rescue and impresses Drake, who befriends the duo.

Campaign Fraud

Governor Tracy wins the election after the photos of Mike's alleged arson are revealed to the public. However, when Mike goes over the campaign results, he finds an error in the polling numbers. Mike and Steve investigate further and discover that many of the people listed as voting for Tracy have actually been dead for several years. Mike and Steve borrow Robbie's police cruiser and head to the election party to expose Governor Tracy's voting fraud.

The Truth is Revealed

When Mike and Steve arrive at the party, the police attempt to arrest Mike for arson, but he pretends to take Steve hostage in order to get through. Drake also appears and assists Mike by threatening the crowd with a missile launcher. Mike takes the stage and exposes Tracy's voting fraud, at which point she is arrested and Al Donnelly is declared the winner. The movie ends with a look into the future, as Mike now has his old job back running the community center and Steve is working as Governor Donnelly's assistant.

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