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"Miles to Go" is the teen star's autobiography.

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Teen pop star Miley Cyrus tells all about her rise to fame in her autobiography, "Miles to Go." With help from writer Hilary Liftin, Cyrus tells readers what it's like to become an overnight success at the tender age of 12. This book is appropriate for middle school readers who are fans of Miley Cyrus and who enjoy reading about celebrities and their lives.

The Road to Stardom

"Miles to Go" by Miley Cyrus chronicles Miley's journey from small town life in Tennessee to stardom in the Walt Disney Company. From the time Miley was a little girl, she watched and accompanied her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, on performances and TV shoots for his TV series, "Doc." She also did several guest appearances on the show. When the opportunity for "Hannah Montana" came up, Miley auditioned, but didn't get the part. They felt she was too young at the age of 11. However, through persistence, Miley finally won the part, and two years later, when Miley was 13, "Hannah Montana" debuted on the Disney Channel as the most watched premier in Disney Channel history.

A New Life

Almost instantly, Miley Cyrus became a household name among tweens and teens across the country. But before Miley and her family headed to Los Angeles, she dealt with the normal challenges that face any teenager. In her book, Cyrus talks about her special relationship with her grandfather, four-wheeling with her father and surviving mean girls and bullies in the sixth grade. When the next chapter of her life began, Miley Cyrus went from a quiet, rural life to one filled with concerts, tours, rehearsal and TV show tapings. The book deals with the challenges facing her through all the changes and how focusing on friends keeps her centered.

Hannah Montana

Miley relates life on the set of "Hannah Montana" in her book, and talks honestly and with humor about the day-to-day realities of being a teen star. She shares how her persistence and hard work paid off even after she was originally turned down for the role due to her age. These positive messages resonate throughout the book as Miley tells readers about personal struggles, heartaches and coming out on the other side stronger, ready to face new challenges and realize even more dreams.

Hannah and Beyond

Miley Cyrus's candid autobiography gives young girls plenty of motivation to follow their dreams. At the time of publication, Miley was waiting anxiously for her Sweet 16 party at Walt Disney World and to get her driver's license. She talks about these ordinary milestones like any teenager would and shares about her wish to find true love and her relationship with one of the Jonas Brothers. Miley also shares more of her love of song writing and where she hopes her "Hannah Montana" experience eventually takes her.

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