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by Ginger Yapp
Mitch Albom is the author of

Mitch Albom is the author of "Have a Little Faith" and "Tuesdays with Morrie."

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Author Mitch Albom -- famous for his best-selling novels "Tuesdays with Morrie" and "Five People You Meet in Heaven" -- penned the nonfiction "Have a Little Faith" in 2009. The autobiographical, true story chronicles Albom's religious musings later in his life, after a series of encounters with religious men alter his perceptions on the value of faith.


"Have a Little Faith" begins as an aging rabbi from Albom's New Jersey hometown requests for Albom to deliver a eulogy at the rabbi's future funeral. Albom had been agnostic for years, but as he spends time with the rabbi to get to know him better, he begins to reexamine his beliefs. Albom's encounters with several men of religious faith are chronicled in the text; by the time the rabbi dies, Albom has come to a more complete understanding of religion and its importance for people.


The autobiographical novel centers around both Albom and the men of faith he meets: Rabbi Albert Lewis and Pastor Henry Covington. Albom first met Lewis as a child when his family frequently attended synagogue; Covington is an African-American preacher who overcame a drug addiction, incarceration and a rough upbringing in Detroit before turning to God. Albom largely had given up on religion before his former rabbi's request made him rethink his positions.


At its core, "Have a Little Faith" is about the positives that religion can instill in a person's life; the religion itself is not as important as the faith one has in times of struggle and strife. It is precisely this faith that gets the rabbi and the minister through times of incredible turmoil. Albom has said that previous to his reacquaintance with the rabbi, he had turned his back on religion, mostly because his life was going smoothly. Seeing these men going through difficult times -- sustained by their faith -- really changed the author's mind.

Critical Reception

Like Albom's previous works -- including "Tuesdays with Morrie," which is, at the time of publication, the best-selling memoir of all time -- "Have a Little Faith" was incredibly well-received. Both secular and non-secular audiences have proclaimed the book's incredible power; some groups have used the book as a means of communication between people of different faiths. The book made "The New York Times" bestsellers list and has been read by people all around the planet.

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